This week marks the anniversaries of several important events that contributed to the historic flag change. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of our flag coverage, as well as our anniversary series that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the effort to change the flag. You’ll also see a timeline, originally published on our Instagram account, pointing out some of the pivotal moments leading to the change.

Timeline: How Mississippi lawmakers removed the state flag

June 6: ‘If Mississippi is ready for change, then everybody is’: Historic crowd of thousands packs streets of Jackson to protest racial inequities

June 8: Mississippi lawmakers could change the state flag today if they wanted. Here’s how.

June 9: Bipartisan group of lawmakers, with Speaker Gunn’s blessing, pushes to change Mississippi state flag

June 10: Longtime leaders at state universities share message with their former students: Change the state flag.

June 10: About 40 Republican House votes are needed to change the state flag. Lawmakers say they’re halfway there.

June 11: ‘Racist relic of the past’: Powerful teachers group pushes to change state flag

June 11: Marshall Ramsey: Removal

June 11: Senate Democrats file resolution to change state flag after earlier action by House members

June 12: Here’s where House members stand on changing the Mississippi state flag

June 12: Here’s where Senate members stand on changing the Mississippi state flag

June 13: Marshall Ramsey: The Flag

June 14: A tale of two Southern states and their Confederate battle cross flags

June 15: Podcast: Why changing the state flag is an uphill battle in 2020

June 15: Survey: Share your thoughts: Should Mississippi change its state flag?

June 15: Poll: Mississippians marginally favor keeping current state flag, but support for change gains steam

June 15: Marshall Ramsey: Which Will Happen First?

June 16: Marshall Ramsey: The Winds of Change

June 17: Como’s Tommy Joe Martins is proudly part of a new Confederate flag-less day at NASCAR

June 17: Lt. Gov. Hosemann, mum on state flag issue, assures near certain death of bill that would change flag

June 18: SEC commissioner to lawmakers: Lose Confederate emblem from state flag, or lose championship events.

June 18: Athletes ask NCAA to ban college baseball regionals in Mississippi until lawmakers change state flag

June 19: NCAA bans Mississippi college baseball regionals, other championships until lawmakers change state flag

June 19: Sports pressure shouldn’t be needed to inspire leaders to change the state flag. But it might just happen.

June 19: Facing growing pressure to change state flag, lawmakers consider adopting second official flag or letting voters decide

June 20: Leaders consider letting Mississippi voters decide fate of the state flag. Are they sidestepping?

June 21: Full list: Mississippi cities, universities and businesses that have removed or called for a new state flag

June 21: Mike Bianco: State flag debate ‘bigger than baseball, bigger than hosting NCAA regionals’

June 22: Podcast: Senate Leader Hopson discusses budget, state flag

June 22: ‘Perfect example of systemic racism’: Why athletes asked the NCAA to tighten restrictions over Mississippi state flag

June 22: No more C-USA postseason events in Miss. until the state flag is changed

June 22: Marshall Ramsey: Separate But Equal Flags

June 22: Legislative leaders say they’re still short of necessary votes to change state flag

June 23: Top executive: Send state flag issue to ballot, and ‘any business considering locating here will pause’

June 23: Marshall Ramsey: All By Ourselves

June 23: Top CEO: ‘People will boycott Mississippi products’ if lawmakers put state flag on ballot

June 23: ‘It’s a moral issue:’ Mississippi Baptist Convention calls for new state flag

June 23: Sports has taught us much in Mississippi. Now it unites many of us over the state flag.

June 23: Lacking legislative votes to change state flag, Gunn and Hosemann turn to religious leaders for help

June 24: ‘Picking sides’: How a conservative Gulf Coast community grapples with the Mississippi state flag debate

June 24: As leaders continue to count votes to change state flag, Hosemann throws support behind legislative action

June 24: Poll: For first time ever, most Mississippians support changing state flag

June 24: Marshall Ramsey: The Second Battle of the State Flag

June 25: Mississippi Republican Party chairman: Now is time to change the state flag

June 25: ‘It screams hate’: Colleges coaches urge lawmakers to change state flag

June 25: As lawmakers near votes to change state flag, Reeves meets with statewide officials and voices his opposition

June 25: Many coaches, but just one message: It’s time for Mississippi to change its state flag.

June 25: Marshall Ramsey: The Governor’s Position

June 25: Lawmakers again delay vote to change state flag but plan to stay in Jackson through the weekend

June 26: Marshall Ramsey: The Crossroads

June 26: Lawmakers plan to begin voting Saturday to change Mississippi state flag

June 26: ‘Now is the time’: Mississippi NAACP leader urges lawmakers to change state flag quickly

June 26: Marshall Ramsey: The Choice

June 27: Gov. Tate Reeves: If Legislature passes bill to change state flag, ‘I will sign it’

June 27: House and Senate clear the path to remove Mississippi state flag

June 27: ‘Historic moment’: Lawmakers clear difficult hurdle to consider bill that would remove the Mississippi state flag

June 27: Marshall Ramsey: Going, Going, Gone

June 28: State flag, COVID-19 could have reverberations in November Espy vs. Hyde-Smith tilt

June 28: Lawmakers plan to remove Mississippi state flag on Sunday

June 28: Mississippi furls state flag with Confederate emblem after 126 years

June 29: Podcast: ‘It’s been surreal’: How lawmakers changed the Mississippi state flag

June 29: For not the first time, sports has helped Mississippians see their way to change

June 29: Confederate battle flag comes down: Myrlie Evers weeps. ‘Medgar’s wings must be clapping.’

June 29: Marshall Ramsey: Parting the Opposition

June 30: After waffling for years, Gov. Tate Reeves signs bill to change state flag

June 30: Marshall Ramsey: The Moment the Flag Came Down

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