Here’s where Senate members stand on changing the Mississippi state flag

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For the first time since the state took a vote in 2001, lawmakers are having earnest discussions about changing the flag in both chambers of the Capitol.

This week, Mississippi Today reporters began polling all 52 Senate members about how they feel about changing the state flag. We placed their responses in at least one of five options: The Legislature should change the flag, the current flag should remain in place, voters should decide the issue, no comment and undecided.

Below is a list of where the Senate members stand. Search for specific lawmakers in the top left corner of the chart. Members without an “X” listed beside their names have not yet been contacted by reporters. To view where lawmakers stand in the House, click here.

Count as of June 27:

  • 24 members want the Legislature to change the flag
  • Four members want to keep the current flag
  • 19 members want voters to decide
  • Six members provided no comment
  • Two members are undecided

The Legislative Black Caucus has endorsed changing the state flag, and caucus leaders in both chambers told Mississippi Today all members support changing the flag. As a result of this, Mississippi Today staff has focused on obtaining the position of non-caucus members, which include white Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

This list will be updated continually.