Who are our members?

Our members are all different: They live in different communities, they follow different stories and they engage with us in different ways. They work in different fields, come from different age ranges and donate in different amounts and frequencies.

Yet, they all have one common interest: independent journalism in Mississippi.

From California to Washington DC, members everywhere recognize that an investment in nonprofit news is an investment in Mississippi.

Members live and work in every corner of the state: on the Coast, in the Delta and in our Capital City.

Members are readers who have joined a growing community of Mississippians who care deeply about civic life and demand accountability from leaders.

Members support our public service journalism mission by donating to our nonprofit newsroom. Our journalists may tell the stories, but without our members, those stories go untold.

What do our members get?

Members-Only Newsletter

Behind the scenes access to our editors and reporters is provided monthly through The Exclusive. We also give members the opportunity to have open dialogue with staff.

Free Entry to Events

Get in free to all Mississippi Today events — town halls, panel discussions, parties, storytelling events, live podcasts and members-only events.


Join our community of readers who value amplifying diverse voices in communities across the state.

Why do our members support us?

“Fair, unbiased accurate reporting.  I admire many of MS Today’s staff  and contributors.”

-Jan P.

“I appreciate the character of your reporters and the ethics of your organization. Truthfulness!”

-Linda W.

“I believe our progress depends on honest journalism.”

-Wendy M.

“I value independent journalism–especially in my home state.”

-Beverly G.

“I believe a professional press is essential to freedom.”

-Tom W.

“I enjoy and appreciate what you all are doing for us Mississippians.”

-Beth B.

I’m an email subscriber. Am I member too?

Not necessarily.

Subscribers receive any one of our free newsletters in their email inbox. Members are readers who donate to our newsroom.

While most members are subscribers, not all subscribers are members.

Our readers support us in many ways, be that in subscribing to our newsletters or donating. When our subscribers choose to become members and invest in our mission, they help keep our work free for all and continue to produce this valuable reporting.

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