Host Adam Ganucheau and the Mississippi Today political team bring you intimate access to the most connected players and observers in Mississippi politics. This podcast is a continuation of the mission that Mississippi Today serves: To present facts, perspectives and appropriate context on all sides of a political debate.

With no focus on one side of the aisle or the other, we’ll also provide you the other side of a story, giving our award-winning journalists a platform to share their insights as they cover some of the most contentious elections in the state’s history. Contact us at

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Podcast: Rep. Robert Johnson breaks down 2023 election, discusses his own political future

Mississippi Today’s Bobby Harrison and Taylor Vance discuss the recent election losses for Mississippi Democrats with Rep. Robert Johnson, D-Natchez, the House minority leader. Johnson also talks about whether he can work with Jason White, the likely new speaker of the Mississippi House, and what his own future political ambitions may be.

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