View our Data Dive showing the current requirements on masks and face coverings from school districts in Mississippi’s K-12 institutions for the 2021-2022 school year.

Mississippi Today reviewed the mask requirements for each school district through their plans submitted to the state Department of Education, phone calls to districts, and examination of the plans posted to each district’s website.

We will update this searchable and downloadable chart regularly as districts navigate the latest COVID-19 restrictions affecting public school openings. Click each column header to reorder the data by school district, type of mask requirement or student population.

Last Updated: September 22, 2021

Currently, 22 of Mississippi’s K-12 school districts are mask-optional, leaving roughly 28% of the student population — 123,948 — under no mask requirement, including the biggest school district, DeSoto County School District, with 34,067 students. Enrollment numbers are from data presented on the Mississippi Department of Education’s website.

To view individual districts' COVID-19 reopening plans, click here.

This is Mississippi Today's inaugural Data Dive, a new series of data-focused stories to help break down crucial news and information for Mississippians.


• Inside a mask-optional school district, Lincoln County, and the repercussions on employees and students.

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