Last updated: February 24, 2021


new cases of the coronavirus and a total of 291,891 cases in Mississippi.


new deaths reported and a total of 6,605 deaths in Mississippi.


doses of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines distributed in Mississippi.

Mask Mandates | On Sept. 30, Gov. Tate Reeves ended the statewide mask mandate order, originally issued Aug. 4. Currently, there are 75 individual counties with mask mandates. State health officials encourage widespread masking and credit the original mandate with helping cases improve after a steep summer spike. View the full list of COVID-19 orders here.

All data and information reported by the Mississippi State Department of Health as of 6 p.m. yesterday

COVID-19 Vaccines in Mississippi

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Last updated Feb. 5:

The spread of COVID-19 in Mississippi has slowed for nearly a month straight now, with the seven-day new case average the lowest it’s been since Nov. 12. Other than a couple days of slight increases, the new case average has continued to drastically decrease since the Jan. 10 peak, marking by far the longest stretch of improvement since the pandemic began. 

Total hospitalizations have shown a similar trend, with the rolling average the lowest now since late November. The rolling average for deaths — which has about a week delay for further investigation — declined from Jan. 18 to Jan. 28 to reach 27 per day, the lowest since Dec. 5. 

Nationally, the New York Times’ tracker shows Mississippi ranking 19th in new cases per capita, behind bordering states Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana, with Tennessee ranked 21st. Mississippi still ranks highly in new deaths per capita at eighth, not far from its neighbors. 

Within the state, north Mississippi continues to see the most cases per capita, with Bolivar (1,351 per 10,000 people), Union (1,327), Pontotoc (1,265), Issaquena (1,235), and Neshoba (1,229) at the top of the list. The counties with the most deaths per 10,000 residents are Neshoba (55), Issaquena (45), Clarke (41), Winston (40), and Leflore (38).

The health department reports that 238,176 people are presumed recovered as of Jan. 31.

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