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Ep. 106: Rep. Trey Lamar discusses beef with governor and small business relief program

Ep. 105: Why the governor was fighting with the Legislature over federal coronavirus funds

Ep. 104: Inside the political fight over federal coronavirus stimulus spending

Ep. 103: Former Gov. Ray Mabus discusses how Gov. Tate Reeves has handled coronavirus pandemic

Ep. 102: ‘The decision should have come earlier’: Teachers react to governor’s school closure announcement

Ep. 97: In Senate race, Mike Espy seeks to build ‘greatest coalition in Mississippi’s history’

Ep. 96: After the first big legislative deadline, what’s dead and alive?

Special Episode: Inside the Mississippi caucus that inspired one of Bernie Sanders’ biggest 2020 endorsements

Ep. 95: Chris McDaniel discusses his bill that would mandate what media outlets publish

Ep. 94: Rep. Bryant Clark, carrying on his father’s historic legacy, discusses Mississippi politics

Ep. 93: Could the Senate reject Gov. Tate Reeves’ controversial ed board appointment?

Ep. 92: ‘This is a sad day for Mississippi politics’: GOP lawmakers rip Speaker Gunn over paycheck decision

Ep. 91: Teacher pay raise bill could spark 2020’s first big disagreement between legislative leaders

Ep. 90: Chair of Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus talks about 2020 session

Ep. 89: Medical marijuana initiative makes November ballot, could provide big 2020 political fight

Ep. 88: Delbert Hosemann casts party aside, says he’ll serve underrepresented Mississippians

Ep. 87: Keeping the House in order

  • Ep. 87: Keeping the House in order

    Andrew Ketchings, expected to be elected House clerk for the third straight term, discusses what to expect from the early days of a legislative session.

Ep. 86: Alyce Clarke discusses the lottery and her legacy

Ep. 85: Sens. Wicker, Hyde-Smith map out strategy as the Trump impeachment heads to Senate

Ep. 84: An election challenge could dominate early days of 2020 legislative session

Ep. 83: What to expect from the new regime under the Capitol dome

Ep. 82: 2020 Hyde-Smith vs. Espy rematch could bring contention, national appeal to Mississippi

Ep. 81: Rick Cleveland discusses what the Egg Bowl means to Mississippi

Ep. 80: Jim Hood’s campaign manager gives behind-the-scenes look at 2019 strategy

Ep. 79: How Jim Hood lost the 2019 governor’s race

Ep. 78: What to expect in the 2019 governor’s race

Ep. 77: Jim Hood discusses campaign strategy, Tate Reeves and working across the aisle

Ep. 76: What to watch for with 15 days to the governor’s race

Ep. 75: What can Ole Miss learn from the University of South Carolina president search?

Ep. 74: What does the Trump endorsement of Tate Reeves mean for November?

Ep. 73: How is Jim Hood Doing With Black Voters?

  • How is Jim Hood Doing With Black Voters?

    Longtime lawmaker Robert Johnson, D-Natchez, discusses whether Attorney General Jim Hood, a white moderate Democrat running for governor, is doing enough to reach out to African American voters, the Democratic Party's base in Mississippi.

Ep. 72: The Debate About The Debates

  • Ep. 72: The Debate About The Debates

    Nathan Shrader, chair of the Department of Government and Politics at Millsaps College, discusses what goes into planning political debates and why candidates are often coy about participating.

Ep. 71: Frontage Road Investigation: Did Tate Reeves Violate Ethics Clause of State Constitution?

Ep. 70: What Bill Waller’s Non-Endorsement of Tate Reeves Means for November

Ep. 69: The 2019 General Election Field is Set

Ep. 68: Previewing the GOP Runoffs for Governor and Attorney General

Ep. 67: Republican Primary Runoff for Attorney General: An In-Depth Look

Ep. 66: The Primaries: Looking Ahead to GOP Runoffs for Governor and Attorney General

Ep. 65: Gov. Phil Bryant Forecasts 2019 Governor’s Race and Reflects on his Legacy

Ep. 64: Previewing the Partisan Fight in November

Ep. 63: Values, Not Policy, Dominate Races for Governor Ahead of Primaries

Ep. 62: The Candidates: Bill Waller Jr.

Special Episode: What It’s Like Covering Mississippi as a Woman

Ep. 61: The Candidates: Robert Shuler Smith

Ep. 60: 2019 Candidates Enter Crunch Time