Photo Gallery: Tchula Flooding

Residents of Tchula, located in the state’s poorest county, Holmes County, have been affected by Tchula Lake’s recent flooding. View images from the area and the people dealing with the rising waters.

Photo Gallery: Flood victim Anderson Jones Sr.

Although hundreds of people have been displaced due to the flooding in Warren County, Anderson Jones Sr., a resident of Filter, Miss., walks a little less than a mile every week to get to his home. The photos in this gallery show the strenuous circumstances of his journey.

Choctaw take pride in stickball – ‘the granddaddy of all American sports’

The roots of stickball run deep in Choctaw culture. The fiercely competitive game – played long before there was football, baseball and basketball – is played with sticks and a small orange ball. Mississippi Today photographer Eric J. Shelton captured the action from the World Series of Stickball, played annually at the Choctaw Indian Fair, near Philadelphia, in this slideshow.