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Take a virtual stroll through Yazoo City, a historic Mississippi community, through the lens of Mississippi Today photojournalist Vickie King.

Yazoo City is just one of five communities our newsroom is focusing on for our community listening project, MT Listens. The others are Canton, Forest, Moss Point and New Albany.

Photo Captions:

The Yazoo County Courthouse, located in the 200-block of East Broadway in Yazoo City, is located in downtown. Yazoo City is considered the “Gateway to the Delta.”

Photo Captions:

Main street is filled with colorful storefronts.

Photo Captions:

The former amphitheater and old Bank of Yazoo on Main Street in Yazoo City

The Parker-Roark home located in the historic Town Creek District on East Broadway Streeet, was ravaged by a fire in 2020.

The Crump Fountain, a historic landmark located at the corner of Main and Washington Streets in Yazoo City, was erected to honor the memory of George Crump, a local farmer who left his estate to the Yazoo City public schools in 1884.

Photo Captions:

“Stand still long enough, and it’ll get you too.”

A passing motorist in Yazoo City, referring to the kudzu along the roadside

Kudzu was introduced as a novelty and then to help combat erosion in the 1800s. Although animals forage on it and it has a multitude of other uses, the vine is considered an invasive species.

A view of operations at the International Paper Company, west of Yazoo City on MS 149 North/MS 16 West. The company is a paper, packaging and pulp company.

“According to local legend… On May 25, 1904, the witch of Yazoo City broke out of these curious chain links surrounding her grave and burned down Yazoo City. Writer Willie Morris’s classic ‘Good Old Boy’ brought national renown to this vengeful woman and her shameful deed.”

The grave of the Witch of Yazoo City at historic Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo City.

Photo Captions:

Historic Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo City is the final resting place of author Willie Morris and the Witch of Yazoo City.

The grave of the Witch of Yazoo City at historic Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo City. It is said that those who disturb the grave of the witch will be cursed. Chains still surround her final resting place. The grave marker was damaged by vandals. The stone is dedicated to Ray Rogers, Sr., a caretaker (sexton) in the 1990s.

A Canadian National freight train rolls through the west end of Yazoo City just south of town on its way north.

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