Facebook post from Rep. Karl Oliver

A state representative from Winona who urged in a weekend Facebook post that those who support the removal of Confederate monuments be lynched has apologized.

Rep. Karl Oliver, R-Winona, wrote: “The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow Southern Americans, is both heinous and horrific. If the, and I use this term extremely loosely, “leadership” of Louisiana wishes to, in a Nazi-ish fashion, burn books or destroy historical monuments of OUR HISTORY, they should be LYNCHED! Let it be known, I will do all in my power to prevent this from happening in our State.”

Oliver emailed a statement late Monday morning saying “I deeply regret that I chose this word.” However the Facebook post had not been deleted at the time of his apology.

House Speaker Philip Gunn condemned Oliver’s post in an emailed statement Monday morning. The comments “do not reflect the views of the Republican Party, the leadership of the House of Representatives or the House as a whole,” Gunn said.

“Using the word ‘lynched’ is inappropriate and offensive,” Gunn continued. “We call on Rep. Oliver to apologize.”

Gov. Phil Bryant released a statement in an email: “Rep. Oliver’s language is unacceptable and has no place in civil discourse.”

Oliver’s post, put up Saturday evening, included a photo of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, the last of four statues in New Orleans to be removed.

Messages left for Oliver, who is a funeral director, at his workplace and on his cell phone were not immediately returned.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu first publicly called for the removal of four of the city’s Confederate monuments in June 2015.

In effect, Oliver is calling in his Facebook post for the mayor of New Orleans to be lynched. Oliver represents the community of Money, where 14-year-old Emmett Till was lynched 62 years ago.

Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton Credit: AP photo, Rogelio V. Solis

Gunn’s statement Monday morning was among the first public reaction from state Republican leaders. Gunn has previously called for replacing the state flag, which displays the Confederate battle emblem.

Two state representatives, John Read, R-Gautier, and Doug McLeod, R-Lucedale, liked the Facebook post.

“Like all members of the House, Representative Oliver reserves the right to voice his opinion on any matter he chooses,” said a statement sent on behalf of the House of Representatives. “However, that opinion does not necessarily reflect that of his fellow legislators.”

Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes, D-Gulfport Credit: Rogelio V. Solis, AP

“The shameful, but seemingly extremely comfortable, choice of words used by my colleague Rep. Karl Oliver, were offensive to me as the act of lynching was commonly used and most targeted toward African American men, women and children in the south and especially in our state,” said Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes, D-Gulfport. She is head of the Legislative Black Caucus.

“I commend Louisiana’s leaders for taking the brave stance to remove the offensive monuments from public areas in their city,” she continued. “It is time for Mississippi to make similar strides as many in our state find the state flag offensive and non-representing of all Mississippi residents.”

“Lynch” is defined as “to put to death (as by hanging) by mob action without legal approval or permission.”

In the South, the term is most commonly associated with violence by whites against blacks in the late 19th century through the civil rights era.  A recent report by the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit that provides legal aid to low-income individuals, estimates there were almost 4,000 lynchings of African Americans in the South from 1877 to 1950.

“Racial terror lynching was a tool used to enforce Jim Crow laws and racial segregation—a tactic for maintaining racial control by victimizing the entire African American community, not merely punishment of an alleged perpetrator for a crime,” the report states.

Although the fate of the statues is unclear, the city will receive proposals from groups that want to take three of the monuments and display them, NPR reported.

Contributing: Kayleigh Skinner

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Kate Royals is a Jackson native and returned to Mississippi Today as the lead education reporter after serving in the same capacity from 2016 to 2018. Prior to that, she was a reporter for the Clarion-Ledger covering education and state government. She won awards for her investigative work, including stories about the state’s campaign finance laws and prison system. She was a news producer at MassLive in Springfield, Mass., after graduating from Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communications with a master’s degree in communications.

285 replies on “Rep. Karl Oliver: Those removing Confederate monuments ‘should be lynched’”

  1. *sets the “Days since a Mississippi Legislator’s Stupidity/Ignorance Brought the State National Attention” counter to 0*

    Comparisons to Nazis and a comment about lynching in a status about preserving participation trophies is impressive irony. I appreciate the MSGOP not shying away and putting their views out in public. From Bubba Carpenter’s “I won’t give the black schoolkids in Rolling Fork OUR hard-earned money” to Karl’s “if you don’t like it, leave” comments to a constituent last year to his recent Facebook post, we all know exactly what they support.

    1. You obviously have no clue what southern pride is about. It is not about nazi crap or terrorists or racism. It’s about our culture and our heritage. There are some idiots who are racist, more in the north than the south just as it was during the Civil War. But the Confederate Flag, being a redneck and a rebel is a pride thing not a racist thing. We didn’t have anything to do with the stupid crap that took place back then. But we are blamed for it. The North didn’t care about blacks, they cared about state’s rights. They had more slaves than we did. People have made those things be about racism. Just like some idiot made the middle finger be bad. God didn’t intend for our finger to be bad. You might take all that stuff away from us but you will never take our southern pride.

      1. *blots the “Hey, the war wasn’t that bad,” “state’s rights,” and “the North did all the bad stuff!!” squares on my Confederacy Apologist bingo card*

        I’m sorry facts and reality about the Civil War give you the sadz. Are you gonna l tell us that Isis is just a bunch of misunderstood, really chill bros next?

      2. Idiot. Flying a Confederate Flag and saying something as ignorant as “it’s about my culture and heritage” and it has “nothing to do with that stupid crap back then” is like a German flying the Nazi flag saying “It’s about my heritage. It has nothing to do with the Holocaust or what happened back then”

        Newsflash: Our Southern culture – I’m a Southerner with Confederates in my family too – was based on slave labor and racism. Especially the part that the Confederate flag symbolizes.

        You don’t need the Confederate flag to represent your Southern culture, beliefs, or celebrate your way of life. You DO need it if you want to advertise that you’re a racist a-hole.

  2. A tragically stupid, hateful and anti-Christian statement.

    The MS state GOP is complicit by failure to condemn such a statement

  3. Lynching is an act of terrorism. Seriously, all those Klan murders by lynching, they were domestic terrorists running unchecked. That’s what this man wants, terrorizing people into submission. We just had a race hate murder at U Maryland this weekend, this is unacceptable behavior.

    People who condone this sort of violence have some sort of problem and don’t belong in government. In 2016 the only reason to hang on to this manufactured idea of the Old South is deep personal insecurities of some sort. When an accident of birth like skin color is the only self esteem you have its time to have your depression and anxiety treated.

  4. Rep. Karl Oliver should be prosecuted under the so called Patriot Act for making terroristic threats and promoting domestic terrorism.

        1. They were neither traitors nor gods, but American fighting for a cause they believed in. Not to different then today. — The rights of the states to operate independently from the federal government. If slavery would have been abolished, the Civil War still would have occurred. I personally don’ like the idea of the removal of the Statues, but I also don’t live in that city nor the state, so under my own logic they have the freedom and right to remove them. — I think it’s a very dangerous time when we start removing history, but also a dangerous time when elected official use such malicious words.

          1. That’s right, get over it. slavery was over 150 years ago and civil rights movement was over 50 years ago and to all you jew lovers, that was over 70 years ago, so yea let’s move on. Stop crying about the Confederate flag and move on. Oh! and one more thing. where was black lives matter when 3 blacks boys killed that little 6 year old innocent kid in MS. last week. HYPOCRITS, AREN’T YOU ALL…..

          2. You’re role playing a long-dead confederate present on the internet. Did the CSA revolt against grammar and spelling in those days as well?

          3. She’s not my type. But you are! I’ll swing by the single wide after work today. Tell Brandine we’re going “hunting” or something.


          5. Because blacks here get free food and foodstamps,free housing,mate lik rabbits,would u like us 2 send them 2 ur state?other than that WHITES here r doin GREAT!

          6. No one ever claimed that every black was an angel, so your final comment is almost the most ignorant thing you said. Particularly in regards to a pasty white guy in power in the South calling for a lynching.

          7. The rebels were enslaver’s of God’s people! And that’s exactly what the war was about.– The second paragraph in Mississippi’s Declaration of secession: “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery– the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of commerce of the earth. These products are peculiar to the climate verging on the tropical regions, and by an imperious law of nature, none but the black race can bear exposure to the tropical sun. …”

          8. Exactly! The founding documents of the Confederacy are all clear on the cause, The Preservation of Slavery.

          9. The war was about state’s rights. Slavery was the pretext used by the north to get people to fight.

          10. Yes, Lampley, and the Jews just walked into those crematoriums voluntarily…where do you get your hatred….First White Baptist, Anywhere Mississippi?

          11. Dear SouthernStupid:
            Because you say it doesn’t make it true. Southern rednecks thought (and some still think) it is OK to OWN PEOPLE! Treat them like property, use and abuse as they feel. The confederate states thought this was all well and good. You deserve the mess you have now, you have earned it.

          12. Geez, dude. That happened hundreds of years ago in the US, but is still a fact of life in African countries. Wake UP!

          13. You are so stupid, it’s no surprise you haven’t read the Confederate states’ declarations, constitutions, or even the newspaper editorials and Sunday sermons from the time period… they all agree that supremacy of the white race over the black race was their cause. In fact, Lincoln avoided making the Northern cause about slavery. Even Emancipation was limited to the States that had rebelled against the Constitution.

          14. Go back and read the succession documents then quit trying to re-write history. This was an anti-American movement which resulted in a failed state which has nothing to be proud of.

          15. I don’t consider that this is “removing history”. Anyone is free to start a Jim Crow Museum, or Confederate Six Flags, and whoever wants to go to it is free to go and celebrate that history. But it’s much different to have those symbols of oppression out in public where many people are truly offended by them. They don’t belong in view of people who do not want to have to be subject to witnessing others gaze in reverential awe at them.

          16. I was truly offended by that person worn blm dress 2 prom! IT promotes violence, thugs on that ugly dress WERE CRIMINALS.

          17. Not true. You need to actually go read the Secession Documents, and the declarations made by Rebel leaders.

          18. Destroying historical monuments don’t make slavery disappear, ur an is It read up on history,

          19. Yeppers, when the white slavers showed up with an empty ship, they told the locals at gun point “You can either supply us with slaves, or become our cargo”. As you should have said: “You need to learn all of history, not just the part that you like”.

          20. Which is immaterial. As in “not the point”, “not in question”, not disputed.” *You* need not only history lessons, but lessons in logic *&* English.

          21. Yes, your grammar *is*laughable, & I give you credit for realizing it. But, again, dodge noted & concession noted.

          22. U know u find me intresting but u bore the **** outa me! Guess u have never text before,its lik short hand captain HOOK! YEEPI KI YAI

          23. Are you drunk? Or just trolling? Of course, there’s always a third option. Before this election, I would have sworn no one could be THIS stupid & still not manage to kill themselves before they were 40, but I have obviously been proven wrong. For instance, you’ve managed to make it past 60. So I suspect it’s alcohol, & that you are permanently pickled. Do try to prove me wrong, if only for your own sake.

          24. The irony of your question is superseded only by the lameness of your dodge. Concession noted.

          25. Iam sure u don’t have a clue what u just said,but one thing is 4 sure I can keep YAULL coming bak 4 more!!bow 2 the BELLE OF THE SOUTH

          26. Do you really believe that nonsense? Nobody is removing History, they are just setting it right. Put that crap in a museum to the misguided rebellion. The traitors who attempted at the cost of great bloodshed and misery to tear OUR country asunder in the service of preserving slavery, should not expect, nor deserve our public reverence….

          27. The north started the war? How about Fort Sumter … where does that fit into the story?

          28. But it took you guys to fire the first shot. I think ya all killed a donkey that day.

          29. Wow “Southern Pride” you are just full of “alternate facts”. You are stating a bunch of lies that were spread by white Southerners in the late 1800’s to justify their racist roots and whitewash history. It’s called the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy” – an alternate history that’s debunked thoroughly by historians. The money behind the Lost Causers is why we have so many monuments to these traitors across America. (And remember folks, when they took up arms against America, they ceased being Americans. Call a Confederate an “American” and you wouldn’t live to tell about it.)

            The North didn’t start the Civil War. The South committed the first act of war with their attack on Fort Sumter. And the war wasn’t about “states rights”. The South rejected states rights. They insisted that the federal government enforce the Fugutive Slave Law and force Northern states to return their fugitive slave “property” to their Southern “owners” despite state laws protecting them. And the Constitution of the Confederacy institutionalized slavery at the federal level, disallowing any state to outlaw slavery if they chose to do so. The South only cared about SLAVEOWNER rights, not states rights.

            You’re the one who needs to pick up a history book. One written in this century, not the one written in the 1950’s influenced by the “Lost Cause” Alternate History.

          30. Do you really think that the history book completed in this century is factual???? Not one of us really knows the whole truth because we were not there. We can look at written documents from that Era and make our own determination from them. I know for a fact that History has been “altered” through new or updated publications of history books, so I do not accept that one should read this Century’s history books to know the facts of what occurred back then. Really, people, get over yourselves. Unless you were re-incarnated and you remember what your prior life was, No One in this day and time really knows what is factual and what is made up from the Civil War.

          31. No, they were rebels who got off easy after Appomattox when Lincoln urged his Generals to “go easy on them.”

          32. They were no different than the people in the north who lied about why they started the war. They wanted more control and more money.

          33. …..go to a museum and you can see the statues…the stars and bars, to your heart’s content…hate is your elective…keep it, spread it as so many in missippi elect to do..public spaces in N.O. Jackson, Memphis, or Oxford are not the venues for your jaded racism..

        2. We are neither. Simple people who live the southern traditions. Racism is not one of those.

          1. I have an aunt and uncle that would disagree with you with pride. At least they are truthful about their hate. You either hate or are miserably misinformed.

        3. Is your ass that stupid?
          Lincoln turned the US military on American civilians.
          Get an education.

        4. Harriet Tubman conspired with John Brown to raid the United States aresenal at Harper’s Ferry, VA in October 1859, long before Fort Sumter.

          She got sick and didn’t make the party. Still, she was guilty of treason against the legitimate government of the United States of America.

          Brown was hanged.

          Tubman had a different fate. None of her monuments are being taken down. In fact, she’s going on the $20 bill.

          In not complaining. I’m just pointing out that the victors write the history.

          Had the British prevailed in the US revolution, General Arnold would be hailed a hero for preserving the empire.

          1. Yes they were.

            Two of them fought in the American Revolution on the colonial side, which made them traitors to the Crown.

            Sorry you didn’t understand the original post. Your one-sentence responses and posts are better suited to Twitter, rather than an actual discussion board.

          1. What I am is fair. Calling me an idiot indicates either hypocrisy or ignorance on your part.

          1. Well then, Maggie, you can put up a Saddam statue in your front yard, because you must believe it was barbaric to remove his monument, since you’re disagreeing with me. He is dead, after all.

          2. So he can’t terrorize if he’s dead fool,enough of ur liberal ass go hang urself hehehe

          3. 1. I’m not a Liberal

            2. You appear to be quite mentally deficient.

            3. Arguing is not your talent. Find something else.

      1. Or like the US did in Iraq?
        Or former Soviet states after the fall of the USSR? Or Germany after WWII?
        You can REMEMBER history without HONORING people who were flat out on the wrong side.

      2. ISIS Destroyed ancient monuments based on religious purity. These statues that were put up in post Reconstruction Southern States in an attempt to restore and reemphasize white supremacy. They are being taken off public property by the appropriate state and local authority, and are being stored without damage. They can go into one wing of an American equivalent to the Holocaust museum, because they are part of history, and like the treatment of the indigenous peoples, we should remember the atrocities of our past.

    1. Get a life! He exercised his right of free speech, its not like he lead a protest that blocked ambulances and other emergency vehicles from getting to their destinatons.

        1. Im sure he didnt mean it in a literal sense. You guys blow everything out of proportion.

          1. We only bring guns and torches to the removal sites to prptect ourselves from the shadow creatures that haunt the lands

          2. “Im sure…”

            Coming from the mouth, of someone who’s neck, wasn’t / isn’t on the line.
            We’re all reassured and glad that, You’re sure !

          3. uhh lynching is very real. Unless you’re not the victim, of course, then it’s all fun and games.

            There’s a song called Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday. Check out the lyrics.

          4. In that case, do you hold the same opinion about the things some members of BLM have said regarding cops?

          5. [citation needed]

            Further, “making terroristic threats” actually *is* illegal and is (and has been) prosecutable.

          6. He didnt say ” im going to lynch him” he merely suggested he should be lynched. Nice try though. Plus every black/latino ive ever met has stated he was” gonna pop a cap in someones a$$” at one point or another. Do we really want to open that book?

        2. Tell that to Black Lives Matter, Madonna, and the rest of the left. They seem to have skated on threats over and over. Also, is art (and therefore, statues) not covered by the 1st Amendment?

          1. Nothing in the BLM movement calls for the murder of others, although many of the murders committed against blacks by police should qualify for capital punishment.
            As for the 1st Amendment, subject to zoning laws, you are free to buy one of these “works of art” and put it in your front yard. But if a city or state decides to remove and/or replace a statue on public property, they are also free do do so.

            PS, it it also not a violation of the 1st Amendment if a retail store CHOOSES not to carry CSA items.

      1. No one is quarrelling with his right to speak, they are merely giving his sentiments the derision they so richly deserve.

        1. Although advocacy of illegal violence to kill people is not constitutionally protected speech.

      1. Really? The lynching of blacks in the 40s to keep them from the ballot box wasn’t domestic terrorism? And the use of that phrase was not intended to install that same fear today?

      2. Murdering fellow citizens in an effort to inflict terror upon the populace?

        AKA lynching.

  5. Dear Mississippi,

    Please join Texas in its desire to leave the union and become a separate country. It’s how the US should have handled the situation during the Civil War–just let you all become the redneck, poor, under-educated racists and bigots that you were back then. Why you think it is important to put up a monument to those who were traitors to the United States, and who wanted to leave the Union so they could form their own country based on enslaving an entire race of people, is beyond understanding for the intelligent people of this country. I am sure there are good and intelligent and fair-minded people in Mississippi–we just hardly ever hear about them, so it’s hard not to judge the entire state by what its “prominent” politicians believe.

    1. I really don’t think there are good and fair minded and intelligent people in Mississippi – they elected him! Mississippi just go away!

      1. Yes, there are non-racist decent people in Mississippi. We are in a distinct minority but we are here. I am sure there are plenty racists in whatever state you live in. Should I then condemn All the people in your state, including you, as being racists? The false logic you used here is called generalization. Look it up, Karen.

        1. you are right – but every time I read something like this I wonder what is wrong with the people in that state voting for him. Sorry, but I did generalize.

      2. U go shoot urself, here n MISSISSIPPI we have the right to do whatever we want ,OUR FLAG STAYS

    2. You have absolutely no clue what the war was about. I am redneck born and bred. But I am not racist by any stretch of the imagination. You people need to stop equating racism with our symbols of southern pride and our culture.

      1. Symbols have context and historical meaning. It’s sad that you dumb as a fence post and have no clue what that is. The swastika is an ancient symbol that is now in disuse by all cultures because of how it was used. The flag we all call the “Confederate flag” was brought back into use by the KKK and gained popularity in the 60’s when southern governments began to fly it or add it to their flag in response to forced segregation.

        The symbol has its roots deeply entrenched in racism and no amount of whiny crybaby screaming and hissy fits you throw are going to change that. The swastika will always be associated with the Nazis – despite it being used by Hindus for centuries past. The Confederate flag will always be associated with slavery, segregation, and racism.

        Deal with it snowflake.

      2. Your Confederate flag and monuments equate Racism.
        The most generous take, a person can put on you is,
        Pride, has made you too stubborn to see, the obvious.

  6. “Like all members of the House, Representative Oliver reserves the right to voice his opinion on any matter he chooses,” said a statement sent on behalf of the House of Representatives. “However, that opinion does not necessarily reflect that of his fellow legislators.”

    This passive aggressive BS right here! That is not an opinion, he’s stating! It’s a bigoted, vicious threat! There is a difference, you fence riding idiot!

  7. Didi anyone get upset when Russia took down its statues after the fall of the USSR? Anyone call for a lynching when they took down Saddam’s statues in Iraq? Same thing here

  8. Karl Oliver, he of the god-awful toupee, is calling other people Nazis!?


  9. Here’s a thought. Let’s test the rope strength on him – since he’s a leader and all. 😛

  10. “southern americans”? This guy should then head back home to Columbia or Peru.
    This is the USA and we are in N. America.
    This is what we get when the uneducated are allowed to pervade government. His state comes in dead last in most measures of civilization (health, education, infant mortality, etc.) – you’d think he would spend his time trying to fix that embarrassment rather than threatening to hang others.

  11. Is it not a crime to incite violence in Mississippi? Why wasn’t this neo-confederate terrorist arrested?

    1. Freedom of speech,is not a terriorist act.i can say iam gonna shoot u fool,only words

      1. Threats aren’t protected as “free speech,” Margie. This information, like Mr. Oliver’s screed and your incoherent ramblings are accessible via the internet. Perhaps you should seek out the former before posting again.

          1. Try shoving your nose into some elementary school English class tutorials and get back to us.

      2. Wrong. The Supreme Court has ruled that three reasons why threats of violence are outside the protections of the first amendment- “protecting individuals from the fear of violence, from the disruption that fear engenders, and from the possibility that the threatened violence will occur.” You can’t threaten someone. Don’t believe me? Go threaten to shoot the mayor and see what happens.

  12. Regarding monuments honoring soldiers from a war allegedly over state’s rights, Oliver, from MS, is telling LA what they should do?!

  13. Rep. Oliver, with his language, has demonstrated why these monuments need to be destroyed.

  14. Ironically, 152 years after Lincoln’s death, the ideological core of the Republican Party is now located in the former Confederate states.

    1. Read up on “The Southern Strategy” & the big switch in the 60’s. The only thing that’s changed is the name.

  15. A republicant from Mississippi……………………..bigoted, stupid, and worthless. WHEN will the south join the 21st century?

      1. Did you know Mississippi was the only southeastern state–the fastest-growing region in the country–to lose population over the last two years? Gosh, I can’t imagine why; we’ve got geniuses running the place. Keep it up, Margie. You and the rest of the “if you don’t like it, leave” crew will be the only ones left.

      2. Thanks to your state, Oklahoma (the state I am stationed in) is NOT at the bottom of every positive list.

        1. So u gonna go shoot urself now!!!We the white people n MISSISSIPPI doin fine.? TRUMP

          1. I see grammar isn’t your strong suit. But bigotry sure does seem to be, white ain’t always right. In your case, crawl back into your trailer (trash)

          2. I personally have never lived n a trailer,but the white people that do worked hard bought their ****,unlike n******live on welfare,foodstamps,government housing! So take ur crackhead jam on the street so a white cop can shoot u!!!!

          3. Your parents must be so proud of you. Yo survived jr high. But still sub human. What a pig!!!

      3. Texas ranks low in many important numbers. The suck in clean air, the suck in education, they suck in health care for children, they suck in so many things. Yet when questioned about issues like this, know what Texicans say? “At least we ain’t Mississippi”.

  16. oliver owns a funeral parlor. he is asking for people to be murdered.
    sounds like a conflict of interest.

    1. I’m guessing he has his daughter working in an ‘unpaid’ position as well as the Son in Law.

  17. How about we just tar and feather your ass, and tattoo BIGOT on your forehead? Not as extreme as what you propose, but would get the message across.

  18. Oliver, I am sure, would strenuously object if anyone suggested he be murdered for anything legal he did. How disturbed (or stupid) is he that he went directly to a word strongly associated with America’s racist past, but seldom used today except in that context? Is he a throwback, longing for the time when terrorizing groups of which you disapproved was accepted practice (as long as you were white, of course).
    The shameful thing is, his constituents will vote him in again, at their next opportunity.

    1. It wasn’t disturbed or stupid. It was an intentional use of the word. The man is a white supremacist who is upset because monuments glorifying white supremacy are (finally) being removed from public places of honor.

      1. I’m guessing he reflects the sentiments of his district. Would be interesting to see the racial mix there.

    2. The good people of Mississippi need to come out in FULL FORCE and vote all of these racist demons out of office FOR GOOD.

      1. Why would we want to do that ?We voted them in u idiot! We want our history 2 stay here , u don’t live here so shut the he’ll up

  19. If he used the word “hung” it would be better?
    The monuments to slavery are heinous in themselves. Rip ’em down.

      1. You are correct. They are monuments to people who liked holding black people as property, erected as a poke in the eye to former slaves and northerners. Big difference, eh?

        1. Seriously? George Washington was a slave owner. Are we going to remove all of his monuments?

  20. Being in Oklahoma, I am thankful to Mississippi for keeping Oklahoma from being at the bottom of every list of positive things about states.

        1. Yuuuuuuuuuup, only STATE that don’t let liberal democrats ,politications,and n****** tell them what 2 do!!!!!!

          1. Why censor the word, Margie? Be proud of your ignorance and hate. It makes it much easier for the rest of us to mock your old ass.

    1. Let’s not point fingers. There are at least a dozen states that are as effed-up as Oklahoma and Mississippi. South Carolina and Kansas come to mind. lol.

  21. Will he also acknowledge that some of his “fellow Southern Americans” are black? Which makes the lynching reference doubly offensive.

  22. He’s terribly sorry for using term “lynched”.

    He really meant “shot dead”.

    What a terrible misunderstanding, bless his heart.

  23. Removing confederate monuments will divide nation between Black and White. Deplorable politicians doing this for their political agenda without thinking of its adverse consequences.

    1. I’d say the Mississippi’s Articles of Secession, Constitution of the Confederacy, Article I, Section 9(4), and the Fugitive Slave Act divided us up pretty well.

  24. I can name several people that should be lynched. What’s the big deal? It’s a word, get over it people. And yes lynch anyone who wants to destroy history and war monuments. Better yet impale them slowly up the anal cavity.

  25. Awwww…ain’t the widdle confederate monuments cute? Them there are the participation trophies for the traitors who lost. And doncha know every widdle baby that loses needs a participation trophy so they won’t cry and wet their widdle dydees.

  26. Later that night he had to suffer the embarrassment of answering his doorbell in his hooded white robe and explaining to a fireman how he’d set his house ablaze by lighting a torch in his living room.

  27. What’s up with those Confederates? Always wanting to lynch everybody…

    Kinda makes me thirsty for a Lynchburg Lemonade.

  28. Exhibit A in the list of reasons why Americans think the people of Mississippi are slack-jawed yokels.

  29. House Speaker Gunn is wrong. Rep. Oliver is a perfect example of the mentality of today’s republican party and republicans in general. They are racists who still won’t accept the fact that racism is not a heritage to be proud of in polite society. But in the short term there is nothing I see that can be done about such fools. Mother Nature will take care of them and their racism in time. The insanity represented by today’s republicans cannot go on forever. Like dinosaurs they will eventually pass away. Praise de Lawd!

  30. Mississippi year after year leading the rest of the Red States, as the Least Educated, Lowest Income and Unhealthiest State. Every year their willful ignorance destroys their quality of life. Every year they reinforce their being at the bottom of the barrel by electing these Racist Losers. Every year they demand their Welfare from the Educated, Wealthier Blue States.

    1. The white people here n MISSISSIPPI, grow their food n hunt 2 feed their families. N****** here live n freehousing, get food stamps,welfare.snott u don’t know shit about our state so shut the f*** up

  31. Robert E. Lee should’ve been hung at Appomattox Courthouse for being guilty of high treason. Southern rebels upset about a presidential election couldn’t pull up the big boy pants and except the results of the 1860 presidential contestcause I wanted to continue to enslave black people. The fact that the south including Mississippi still honors Confederate Memorial day or the fact of the rebel flag it still hangs over the court houses and state houses in Mississippi is disgusting. I guarantee the southern white racist would not feel the same way about the Spanish flag being hung up in South Mississippi in the Republic of West Florida,or the Mexican flag being hung up in California or Texas

  32. LORD, I am glad to be away from Mississippi. There’s nothing there but drugs, GODawful roads, and people who need to be locked away. Seriously, inciting people to kill other people?

    I’m not even surprised though. That’s the sort of backwards nonsense that happens all over there. Ugh. Look at that inbred creep. His eyes, man.

  33. Mississippi, you need to figure out what you can LEGALLY do to get Rep Karl Oliver out of office! I sincerely hope he is not representing you fairly!

    1. Bad people can have useful tactics, and it’s fine to learn about them. There’s a difference between teaching about someone, and honoring them.

  34. I believe that removing the monument of Robert E. Lee was over-kill, but Rep. Karl Oliver is WHY people think ill of him. Personally, I THINK WE OUGHT TO TAKE REP OLIVER DOWN (from his current position in the House of Representatives. ) C.H.

  35. So now when workers go to remove those monuments, if he shows up, he should be shot on sight in self-defense. Fine with me!

  36. I guess the stupid racist cracker didn’t get the memo… if South Carolina and Louisiana can grow, how long can the rest of the South hold out? We all love our ancestors, but gee whiz, yours made the wrong choice!

  37. Mr. Oliver will be in the trash heap of history sooner than he thinks along with Hitler and Wallace. And the rest of us will still be here making the world a better place.

      1. And if you talk with some of your neighbors, SOUTHERN PRIDE, you might learn that it’s not quite over. Welfare BRO.

        1. There is welfare everywhere and every race. We should be worried about kids of drugs and having babies. Kids not having food and a roof over their heads. We need to put the past in the past. Life is short.

          1. I don’t live there. I have been helping kids for almost 30 years. Kids of all colors, religions and backgrounds. I’m not racist or prejudice.

          2. You are fooling yourself. And prejudice has a d at the end when used as an adjective you ignorant welfare SOUTHERN PRIDE.

          3. It could have been a typo, but, unfortunately, given other lapses in other posts, I cannot tell.

          4. Spending more of my federal tax money in a state that cannot take care of itself without my federal tax money and complaining about it?

        2. My neighbors are not on welfare. I have a doctorate and am a college professor. So no welfare here.

  38. You love federal hand outs but contribute minus tax money to our nation. You are a WELFARE state suckling at the teat of NY and CA.

    1. You are comparing things that are not related. Black history, white history, it’s all about us. We are all Americans. We be allowed to support the parts of our southern culture that we choose. Racism is not part of that. All of this has hurt innocent families of those men. It’s reverse racism. We are all the same. We are God’s creation. God made black and white. Everything was part of his plan. He does not make mistakes and does not mess up. I will continue to support my confederate flag and my southern culture and be proud of it. I do not support racism against anyone.

  39. Southern pride definition bottom of the barrel. The dregs of society. Mississippi year after year leading the rest of the Red States, as the Least Educated, Lowest Income and Unhealthiest State. Every year their willful ignorance destroys their quality of life. Every year they reinforce their being at the bottom of the 50 states by electing these Racist Losers. Every year they demand their Welfare from the Educated, Wealthier Blue States. I wish you would secede. Stop taking my tax dollars for your willfully ignorant, opioid addicted hillbilly trash.

    1. We are not uneducated, nor ignorant. We just don’t like Yankees. I’m not an addict, nor am I on welfare. I am a professor of education. We are no more racist than all of you. You all just hide it better. We do have ignorant people here who are still racist. But that does not mean we are all stupid. You people are against hunting too. How do you think God intended for us to eat. Read a bible sometime. You will learn a lot.

  40. How do you get butt hurt over history 150+ years old. Even 50 years ago is old news that did not happen to these protesters. The Black slave trade started in Africa by Blacks so go to the source. Every race has slavery in their roots, get over it. End users are not to blame as industry made most slavery obsolete and time makes you aware.

    1. Many peoples have slavery in their roots, bit NONE of them maintain monuments to their enslavers. Slavery happened here in America and Jim Crow followed for a century more. YOU get over it.

    2. >Even 50 years ago is old news
      That’s absurd. There are people alive today who were barred from voting by Jim Crow laws, who experienced the evils of segregation, who had to fight for their right to marry someone of another race. There are people alive today whose family members were lynched by KKK terrorists and who were denied justice by corrupt local law enforcement. There are people alive today who lived through this, and they and their families still bear the consequences.

  41. 1 step forward, two steps back. the south stays the same with or without statues.

  42. The bottom line is that these monument should be placed in a high profile
    position on private property.
    With a 15 year sentence for damaging them.

    1. So put it in a museum. No need to have it on a place of honor in the public square.

      1. No Kylan Levi, It may salve your feelings for a moment, but then you’d resent the museum, the leftism that has diluted your thinking, is anti-truth and pro-feelings. Conservatism, on the other hand, honors truth, regardless of feelings. Truth is honor, honor is truth.

        1. There is no honor in building monuments to traitors and defenders of human slavery.

          1. *Grindstone50k* , You would have had to lived at the time. The Confederate leaders considered themselves patriots. I believe they were men of their time. Slavery still exists in many places in the world, since it no longer exists in America, your concerns ought to be directed elsewhere, instead of pieces of stone in Louisiana.

  43. The very fact that he chose that precise verbiage gives justification for the removal of the statues. It would be different it those monuments didn’t still have those racist connotations attached, but sadly they do. I am originally from New Orleans and lived in various parts of Mississippi for entirely too long, in my opinion, and know there are many people in both places who would like to see things go back to how they were when those monuments were erected. I don’t believe there are any statues of Hitler in Germany, and for good reason. I would imagine the sentiment is similar by those who were victimized or have family who was victimized during the time those men were alive to how individuals would feel if there were a statue of Hitler. It is glorifying the behavior of these men. But then again, Mississippi is also the state who considered putting a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Master on one of there license plates…don’t believe me, Google it.

  44. If Rober E Lee was still alive Oliver could start by lynching him!! The hero of the south Robert E. Lee wanted the confederate flags, symbols and statues removed.

    Robert E. Lee the commander of the Confederacy during the Civil War did not want such divisive symbols following him to the grave. At his funeral in 1870 confederate flags were banned by Lee’s own request and completely absent from the procession. Former Confederate soldiers marching did not wear their old military uniforms, and neither did the body they buried. “His Confederate uniform would have been “treason” Lee’s daughter wrote.

    So sensitive was Lee during his final years with extinguishing the fiery passions of the Civil War that he opposed erecting monuments on the battlefields where the Southern soldiers under his command had fought against the Union. “I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered,” Robert E. Lee

    If Robert E. Lee could get it right by 1870- why in 2017 there are those who still support emblems of secession, hate, and racism? Lee chose unity over more fighting.

  45. This article is truly Amazing. What is it like to live in a state where a State Representative threatens fellow politicians – with death and then apologizes but his fellow Republicans are not compelled to ask him to resign? Really? What year is it in Mississippi 1950? Please show some courage and ask Mr. Oliver to leave the public state gracefully or at least quickly. BTW in my area of the country we not only know who won the Civil War but we are proud to be Americans and do not revere leaders or any other members of the group that choose to break away (for slavery) but also to kill fellow Americans. Lastly the falg of the losing side is not allowed to fly their flag after a war is over. Wake up, do you see swastika flags over the Reichstag in Berlin?

  46. Wow, just wow. A state elected leader makes this comment publicly and two other state elected officials “like” it, advocating for the illegal murder-by-lynching of other state leaders for removing statues (from PUBLIC property — private property owners can do whatever they want) honoring those who fought to keep slavery and to separate from the U.S. With the ugly, despicable history that the U.S. South already has with the terrorism known as lynching — just wow. God, I wish your state and the other slave states HAD seceded — what a better place America would be without all that bigotry and hatred and violence emanating from the South.

  47. Gee,what’s the problem? I’m sure Rep. Oliver spoke from the heart and adequately expressed the feelings of his white voter base. Isn’t that his job? The fact that it was a vile, scurrilous, psychopathically racist outburst shouldn’t really surprise anyone – just that he said it out in the open for all to hear.

  48. Why do the racists in Mississippi all look alike? Like inbred pig farmers: thin uneven smile, beady eyes too close together.

  49. What’s the difference between the New Orleans mayor / city council and ISIS? Nothing, they all blow up antiquities.

  50. Oh, get over it, you idiots. Always looking for something about which to be offended. Furthermore, the majority of NO residents didn’t even know what the monuments represented. This silly virtue signalling cost taxpayers millions of dollars (to remove those monuments), and crime and squalor in NO hasn’t changed one bit! Dear gawd. Oliver is right. Get rid of all the stupid idiots by lynching or any means necessary!

  51. Awww . . . are your “culture” and “history” being removed? Poor thing. Now all that’s left is to strip you, put you in the hold of a ship for weeks, take you out, and sell you to someone whose language you don’t speak,, who will beat you and sell your future children as his property. OR, to decimate your people, drive you onto “reservations,” and force you to speak a different language and reject your culture, or perish. Your choice, Representative. If you’re going to cry about statue removal, we may as well give you the full experience. PS. Don’t be sorry for revealing your contempt and hatred, Representative.

  52. Racial terror lynching was a tool used to enforce Jim Crow laws (Created and implemented by Democrats) and racial segregation—a tactic for maintaining racial control by victimizing the entire African American community, not merely punishment of an alleged perpetrator for a crime. Democrats are trying to erase their sordid History.

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