Sagging pants could draw fine, require counseling

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Mississippi House

Rep. Tom Weathersby, R-Florence

Sagging, a popular youth fashion, could be a crime under legislation proposed in the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Rep. Tom Weathersby, R-Florence, introduced the bill that would make it unlawful to wear pants or shorts in a way that “exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner.”

Several local governments, around the country and in Mississippi, have proposed or implemented anti-sagging ordinances. The city of Jackson, Hinds County and city of Gautier have all proposed such laws in recent years, but none have been successful.

Weathersby’s bill would impose a verbal warning on the first offense. The third offense would draw a fine of $20. By the sixth offense, violators would have to pay a $100 fine and undergo psychological and social counseling by state departments of human services and mental health.

Weathersby said he filed the bill at the request of a constituent who encountered a group of young men whom the constituent believes wore their pants too low. When the constituent asked the men to pull up their pants, they became belligerent, Weathersby said.

“Personally, I like to see people dressed when they’re in public and I like to see people with their pants up,” Weathersby told Mississippi Today.


  • Thile

    Why stop at sagging pants? How about no form-fitting clothing for overweight/obese people? Pajama pants in public?

    • Flying Goat

      And what about sagging jowls? I don’t like to see people who are all jowly in public! It’s indecent and uncivilized!

  • Danny Lampley

    1) Great! So sick of seeing those bare ankles;
    2) Glad to see our legislature continues to work on the important stuff; but,
    3) While it’s nice to see the interest in mental health, currently that would be an unfunded mandate wouldn’t it? Probably better be thinking about re-education camps (more efficient I would think).

  • Otis

    Weathersby is offended by droopy drawers but never mind the state flag.

  • Shamontiel

    While I am still baffled by anybody over the age of 25 still sagging their pants (and making themselves look absolutely ridiculous), honestly that’s an individual decision to look like you forgot your belt at home. I can think of 100 other things that are more important than $100 for sagging pants. And honestly I can’t think of one job (minus radio DJs or music entertainers) that does not require people to pull their pants up. Give the folks sagging their pants a job and you may see a change in the attire.

  • NeoNative

    Is Archie Bunker going to give the first verbal warning?