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The University of Mississippi’s marching band will no longer play any variation of the song “Dixie” – a tradition some seven decades old at football games and other sporting events.

The University’s Athletic Department confirmed to Mississippi Today on Friday that the song, which was the unofficial anthem of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, will no longer be played at athletic events.

Ole Miss Athletics director Ross Bjork said that the decision was made by the Athletic Department, and Chancellor Jeff Vitter was informed beforehand.

“We felt that it’s the right thing to do. It’s time to move forward,” Bjork said. “It fits in with where the university has gone in terms of making sure we follow our creed, core values of the athletic department, and that all people feel welcome.

“The Athletics Department asked (the band) to create a new and modern pregame show that does not include Dixie and is more inclusive for all fans,” the University Athletic Department said in a statement released after Mississippi Today asked about the song being dropped.

The statement put the dropping of “Dixie” in the context of renovations made this year to improve the fan experience at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, where the Ole Miss football team plays home games.

“It’s a fan friendly environment on game day in that we are inclusive,” Bjork said. “That should include our words, actions and pageantry. And music also goes into that.”

The songs “Dixie,” “Dixie fanfare,” and a pregame arrangement containing themes of “Dixie” will no longer be played by the band, known as the The Pride of the South. Band directors, who chose not to provide comment for this story, were made aware of the Athletics Department’s decision over the summer.

The move comes after at least a year of coordinated efforts to limit the playing of the song.

During games in the 2015 football season and the 2015-2016 basketball season, the band did not play the song. Before all seven home games last season, the song was played 14 times – in the pregame Grove concert and on the field before the games kicked off.

The band omitted the song from its on-field pregame performance on Jan. 1 at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

The song was first played by the Ole Miss band around 1948, said David Sansing, Ole Miss professor emeritus of history and author of the sesquicentennial history of the university. The band has been an Ole Miss fixture since 1928.

For the university, “1948 was the centennial celebration, and that’s when Ole Miss was cloaked and covered with all the memorabilia of the Confederacy,” Sansing said.

“’Dixie’ may have been played a little bit sooner than ‘48, but I don’t think so,” he added. “I think it really was adopted around the combination of the centennial and the Dixiecrat movement in the South.”

Marching band members are in camp this week in Oxford, learning music and drill the week before class starts at the university. The full Pride of the South band will travel to Orlando, Fla., for the Rebels’ Labor Day football match-up against the Florida State Seminoles.

This is the second time in seven years the university has moved to sever ties with some form of the song “Dixie.” In 2009, former Chancellor Dan Jones asked the band to stop playing “From Dixie With Love,” an arrangement that morphed “Dixie” with the Union Army’s “Battle Hymn of the Republic” because some fans continually chanted “the South will rise again” during a verse.

Jones’ decision to remove that song garnered criticism from many Ole Miss fans and alumni – many of whom called for his removal. Jones’ contract as chancellor was not renewed in 2014. The song controversy was not mentioned publicly as a reason for that action.

After two Ole Miss students tied a rope noose and a flag showing the Confederate battle flag around the neck of the statue of James Meredith, who integrated the university in 1962, Jones commissioned a study that assessed Confederate symbols and imagery on campus. The findings of that study produced numerous proposed changes to contextualize the university’s history.

Vitter, who officially filled the post Jan. 1, has communicated his efforts to continue implementing changes from Jones’ study.

The university’s move is the latest in a years-long effort to distance itself from Confederate imagery as it relates to athletics. In 2003, the university removed the on-field mascot “Colonel Reb,” who many said resembled a plantation owner. University students selected “Rebel Black Bear” as the new on-field mascot in 2010.

In 1997, former Chancellor Robert Khayat effectively banned Confederate battle flags from being waved during football games by implementing a policy disallowing sticks from being carried inside the stadium.

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126 replies on “For Ole Miss sports, ‘Dixie’ is dead”

  1. Good for us!! It’s far past the time for our Flagship University to move into the 21st Century. Well done, Rebels!

    1. Stop calling them “rebels” immediately. Nothing this school has done in recent history has shown the slightest bit of being a rebel. They are now the bland black bears. Act like it.

    2. Move into the 21st century?

      Last time I heard the university had wireless internet, indoor plumbing, AC, cemented roads, and accepted credit cards. It also had dorm rooms that housed both blacks and whites. Not only that but a vast majority of the classrooms have white boards if not drop down screens to play videos.

  2. So, what about the nickname “Ole Miss”? It’s what slaves called the wife of a plantation owner, and it’s documented in a lot of literature about slavery and the Old South. When are we gonna axe that? That’s pretty pathetic for an institution of higher learning to use that as it’s unofficial, albeit preferred name.

    1. 6. Appropriate use of the name “Ole Miss.” UM’s longstanding nickname is beloved by the vast majority of its students and alumni. But a few, especially some university faculty, are uncomfortable with it. Some don’t want it used at all and some simply don’t want it used within the academic context.
      The university completed a national study about the name “Ole Miss” during the last year and found the vast majority of respondents don’t attach any meaning to it other than an affectionate name for the university. In fact, a significant margin likes and prefers the “Ole Miss” name. And a very small percentage of respondents associate the university, either as “Ole Miss” or “University of Mississippi,” with negative race issues.
      Both names will be used in appropriate contexts going forward, with particular emphasis going to “Ole Miss” in athletics and as a representation of the university’s spirit.

      1. So are we just to overlook that small minority that are uncomfortable with the “Ole Miss” name? You were doing so well being PC in your first comment but now you’ve really let us all down with this one. What happened in between posts?

        1. You obviously have issues with surveys, statistics, the scientific method, and other problems too numerous to discuss here. I suggest you simply boycott the university altogether. That will be a win-win for both parties.

          Hotty Toddy!

  3. As a graduate of Ole Miss, I applaud the university for this and hope we can now focus on the upcoming football season. We have a great fight song in Forward Rebels and I can’t wait to hear it in Vaught-Hemingway as the Rebels take the field.

    I’m sure this announcement will bring the neo-confederates and nuts out of the woodwork. It never fails that people unaffiliated with Ole Miss cling to our school for their own agenda.

    I’m proud to be an Ole Miss Rebel! Hotty Toddy!

  4. I”m a current Ole Miss student, and this issue is important to me. It’s not that our history isn’t important, it should be remembered and preserved. Ignoring our history only aggravates the problem. But there is nothing wrong with moving forward. With changing our symbols to reflect our changing country. I want to attend a school that reflects my current values, not those of the past.

        1. LOL So much generalization with you people. I happen to be a college educated person who has never lived in a trailer and does not drink, and I love my Southern heritage. Try again.

          1. Please…Laurel Lancaster may go to college but obviously they neglect to teach proper education these days as far as history is concerned. That is something they prefer to sweep under a rug and call it “political correctness” for our younger generation to swallow without thinking for themselves. As far as Mr. Arnold Slaughter, well….bless his heart, he just lacks good manners and needs to get out from under that television a little more and see the real world. It’s a crying shame traditions die. But y’all have a good day!

          2. I live in the real world. I present reality you people attempt to create your own reality. I shut it down.

    1. Laurel, You really think the song “Dixie” is so Evil that it should be Censored in a Free American society??? It is sad that you and many other students have not been given the opportunity to learn the True History of your Southern Ancestors who fought and died defending the very ground Ole Miss resides on today. Your southern Forefathers served under the Confederate Battle Flag to defend the South, their homes and their families from invasion of a large, destructive Union army that invaded the South,burned cities and homes, raped, pillaged and stole . The history is there but not many schools or Universities teach it anymore……today it’s all about “Political Correctness” and how racist and bad and terrible that the South and Southerners were because they had slavery……….Students today don’t learn that when the US was first formed even the Northern states had slavery……….and we may not like it today …. but it was legal under the “Law of the Land” – the Constitution of the United States. Northern States by Legal Process voted to end slavery in their states. No doubt the South would have done the same by Legal Process within time, as slavery was becoming less and less popular……The Self-righteous Radical Abolitionist “Demanded” the south end slavery but they had no right to demand this of the southern states and as mentioned the US Constitution protected it. some Crazed Fanatics like john Brown wanted to have the slaves turn against their masters and kill them. The Vast majority of slaves remained loyal to “their people”. While slavery was an issue for the War Between the states, Economics played a large part too as the south was paying a large export tax on cotton…. so the Southern states determined that they would be better off with their independence to form their own nation. Your Southern Forefathers were Men of Courage and Integrity . They left us a Legacy of Heroes that is still unsurpassed in American History. Sadly, Ole Miss has joined the Political Correct Force that is waging Cultural Warfare on the American South and your Southern Heritage……You mention your current values…..well, men like Lee, Davis, Jackson, Stuart, and the men who served under them in the Confederate army had Courage, Bravery, Integrity, they were Decent men of Morals , Christian Values, Truthful, Fearless, Honorable, I respectfully encourage you to not believe the Deceit that you hear from the PC crowd but research for yourself…………and we might keep into consideration that we shouldn’t judge the Southern society of back then by today’s standards……..and you may also realize that many nations once allowed slavery…from Babylon, to Persia, Greece and Rome, England , France , American Indian tribes use to capture Indians of other tribes and make slaves of them, and one of the Biggest Slave Traders of African slaves were the Africans themselves. Tribes would conquer other tribes and make slaves of them and then over the years they sold their fellow Africans by the Millions…………so don’t be too hard on Dixie, only about 6 to 8 hundred thousand slaves were sent to the US out of the 11 to 12 Million that were sold to the slave ships and sent to the Americas

      1. Cowardly lies from an ignorant mind. I guess Jim Crow didn’t exist, huh?

        Sorry your ancestors were garbage, but that is true for most of us and we don’t feel the need to follow their garbage legacy.

        1. My ancestors that served in the Confederate army were Americans who had the Courage and moral convictions to Protect and Defend their Homes and Families from an invading and destructive army that burned, stole, pillaged and raped the South ………….I would hope Sean that you you would have the Courage to defend your family of or state or country if invaded..

          1. Clint, So slaves were not beaten and black slave women were not raped in you version of the wonderful South. Do explain

          2. Arnold, no doubt that some slaves were mistreated, beaten but not nearly as much as we have been lead to believe. Oftentimes the slaves were considered as a trusted part of the family and don’t forget many plantations the masters were off to war and left the slaves to help take care of their farms or plantations and their families. The slaves left behind had every opportunity to harm the master’s families but very seldom did that happen. Also most of the slaves believed that the south was also their home,as meager that they may have had…it was still their home. The master was responsible for “his” people . When they were sick, injured and for their housing and their food- was all the responsibility of the master. I am not defending slavery as I don’t believe in it , but it was the way o f life back then and had been for decades. Even the Northern states had at one time permitted slavery. We should not try to judge society back then from today’s standards…….it was a way of life that they had become accustomed to. And no doubt slavery in the south would have ended ,by peaceful means, within time as it had in the North and in dozens of other countries. Another thing to keep in mind is that only about 6-8 percent of Southerners had slaves and most were not on large plantations. And don’t you find it interesting that the last slave ship that was captured in Africa just after the Civil War started (May 1861)was under the Stars and Stripes and had left from a Northern Port to go to Africa and was loaded with slaves ? Don’t you find it strange that if the Self-Righteous North was Fighting to End Slavery that it seems ironic that the war was well into it’s second year before Lincoln gave his Emancipation Proclamation and even then it did not include the border Union slave states of Maryland, Delaware, Missouri and Kentucky?? Arnold, I don’t defend slavery but I will defend the South and the Southern people. I don’t defend slavery but I will defend the United States. I am sure that Africans probably feel the same way, I’m sure that Africans don’t defend slavery where Africans captured and sold their fellow Africans to slavers by the millions (over the years)but I’m sure that they will defend Africa.

          3. Clint it is official. You are the most ignorant white person with internet access on the planet. You say you don’t defend slavery, but you type a dissertation defending it. You can’t sugar coat shit. American slavery was brutal and barbaric. Black people were treated less than human and the women were raped.
            Since your view is that it was a jovial experience, I will make a deal with you. How about you and your family come and be my slaves? You can be the “slave” part of my family. I have a spare bedroom in my house you guys can live there. Let me know.

          4. Arnold, I want to encourage you not to be the perpetual victim of things of the past. My ancestors were of Irish descent. I have no idea of the hardships they went through to come to America. Your ancestors may have come to America under greater hardships but we both should realize that we live in the greatest country on earth that offers us more opportunities than any other country in the world. Yes, America has her faults and like all other nations things happened in our history that are regretful but would you really want to live anywhere else? I wouldn’t .

          5. Clint, I live a fabulous life. I am not a victim. Why do you people create that victim narrative crap? Your attempt re-write history is well noted, but at the end of the day we all know what really happened.

          6. Arnold, it is too bad that slavery existed in the US and in the South……it is equally bad that Africans sold their fellow Africans to the slavers who took them to all parts of the world. Yes if African slaves had never been sent to the US, the country would no doubt be better off…………………………. but there would have been no George washington Carver or Booker T. Washington or Martin Luther King or Dr. Ben Carson or Cassius Clay or the Supremes, or Sugar Ray Robinson etc. etc. etc…………………..

      2. Traditions from the late forties, made by people defending Jim Crow. Don’t talk about other’s ignorance, cowardly idiot.

        1. Let’s talk about your ignorance Sean. You ever taken the time to read about the War Between the States or do you do like many people today and listen to the Politically Correct Cronies who have consistently presented Lies and Deceit to Ignorant people who won’t search for the Truth on their own. The soldiers of the Confederate army were men who were determined to protect their families and homes from the large, destructive Union army that invaded the South. They had the Courage to stand up for their convictions and defend their states against invasion. There is nothing wrong for Southerners to Honor our Southern forefathers who selflessly served and often died in their service to the Confederate States that were being invaded by the Union. Southern soldiers are as American as the Union soldiers . You are trying to judge people of a society 150 yeas ago by today’s standards and that is not often wise as things were much different back then. You keep mentioning Jim Crow…that was the way it was back then. We are in a different society today. I grew up and went to segregated schools….you know what?, we never had a racial problem at my school and neither did the black kids at the segregated schools they attended. Oh I know you think that that was terrible but it was the way both they and I grew up. It was just the way it was ……but I am sure you will brand me a Racist and them a Victim. Today we live in a different society. Jim Crow is long gone.

          1. Clint the truth. 99.9% of the world knows the truth. The Civil War was about slavery and people in the South had to protect their homes from Confederate soldiers who needed their stuff to keep from getting their butt kicks. Clint omits that a part. This re-write of history is disgusting. Stop falling for the con job. The joke is on you Clint.

            Clint,Yes I went to segregated schools too. We received books after the white kids tore them up. We even had hand me down sports uniforms from the white schools. So people like Clint never had problems because he got new stuff. I don’t brand you as racist. You just ignorant. You are a victim of your own stupidity. Jim Crow is long gone, but ignorant people like Clint live on. He does not realize that we live in a different society.

          2. “Clint the truth. 99.9% of the world knows the truth.”

            Haha. How do you that 99.9% is the truth?

            stfu you imbecile

        2. Clint has no connection to Ole Miss and if you check his profile you will be he comments on Occidental Dissent. That’s a neo-nazi blog.

          I’ll bet good money half the people in here whining about dixie have no connection to the school are are just using Ole Miss as a soap box.

      3. Wow! You really like those period punctuation marks……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

      4. Southern ancestors were conned by rich white people. Get over it. You people got jilly jacked. You are the laughing stock of the rest of the world for having pride for getting your butts kicked.

        1. The South has a Legacy of Heroes from that war that is thus far unsurpassed in American History. And the North had it’s share of it’s Heroes that the Northern people are proud of. Both sides fought for their convictions. Yes, the South lost that contest but they did have the Courage to defend their homes and families and their sacred Honor. I would hope Arnold that you would have the courage to defend your state or home if it was invaded. ……………..American History Must be Preserved to Honor those Americans in both in Blue and the Gray.

          1. Clint I hope you have the courage to realize you and your ancestors got jillyjacked by con artist. You were conned with this beautiful story about honor and being invade by the evil forces of the north. I reality you were worse than pawns. Your ancestors were suckers. The rich people still own the plantations and your family does not. Get over it move on. I had the “courage” to join the U.S. military. I would not commit treason and stupidly believe that was honorable. You live in a Confederate fantasy world that never existed.

    2. I’m proud to have you at Ole Miss. I feel confident the university is in great care with students like you occupying its halls.

      Hotty Toddy!

    3. Your post contradicts your “current” values. Plus, it seems whatever values are popular 20 years from now you’ll support. In other words you have no spine.

    4. Why should the people that just came on the campus change things that have been around for years. Seems like every thing the new generation has changed has set race relations back 50 years !!

  5. Well, this is another example of political correctness run amok. Very distressing.

    Also distressing is all the talk lately about Foley Bags.

    Can someone please tell me what this term means? And why is the term Foley Bag used in connection with the nominee of the Democrat party?

    Finally, didn’t the Democrat party rule over the Confederate States? Isn’t the Democrat party the party of slavery?

    1. So basically, in your mind the Dixiecrat Party and the Southern Strategy didn’t exist, huh?

  6. We definitely need to save the world from this tyrannical, oppressive song. If we continue to allow it to be played, millions of children will die.

    1. Yes. Just think of the millions and millions of kids this song has already killed. OMFG. The horror! The very horror!!! ?

      1. Southern history is the history of slavery, racism, and sedition. Nothing for you to be proud of.

          1. The Pinkertons and the militia were used to brutalize labor in the North no differently than the slave patrols and KKK were used to brutalize blacks in the South. The difference was that the northern laborers weren’t trying to secede from the Union.

  7. When I was with the Ole Miss Band it was known as the Band of the South under Dr James P. Ferguson….and the mascot was Colonel Rebel..replete with white linen suit and planter’s hat….now it’s some f@ggoty @$$ bear with no real meaning or connection to the school itself…..The Pride of the South?….that’s much too similar to the Univ of Tenn’s “Pride of the Southland Band”….some people have no sense of originality….just a sense of “inclusiveness” run wild….phuque them and the hoss they rode in on

    1. If you want to preserve that ignorant inbred redneck image. I suggest you buy a trailer near the university and damn them to hell while drinking a cold bud. Keep your originality to yourself.

      1. My “originality” as you put it was there years before I got there…take your little boy bull$h!t back to Lower Classville

        1. Then you should have took it with you when you left and we could have avoided this conversation. Dumbass

          1. It wasn’t a “converstation” till you opened your fat yap….and nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to start it,hot shot

          2. “Dumbass”

            Yea, says the guy who projects his own prejudicial snobbery on another, who politely expressed his opinion that differed from yours.

  8. It is about time this degenerate confederate song was removed. These people need to realize they lost the war and that racism is dying out.

    1. Mr.rlibos, you need to know one important thing about the Civil War. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY, YOU DUMB ASS. And even after slavery was abolished, several Northerners did not give up their slaves. Your beloved Hen. Burn rape and pillage Sherman was one of them. So please sir. Study the history, before showing your ignorant racism.

      1. Really, is that what the rich white people told your ancestors to make the fight a war to keep them rich.The whole world Knows the civil war was about slavery and some of yall keep holding on to what the rich white people told you. Let it go you were conned and your relatives died.

        1. You really do not know the true cause of that unnecessary war do you? The conditions that caused it are as real today as they were on 12 April 1861. To a large extent those most oppressed are today oppressed. Slavery was a factor but now as you may believe. I am not going to impose a view of this on you. The true history of it is available should you choose to seek it out. I encourage you to. You will find most of what you have been taught is not true.

          1. There are no slaves being beaten for not meeting quotas there are no black female slaves being raped by white men. So this oppression you type about is your whining ass not achieving the political goal that you seek. 99 percent of the entire planet understand the true history. You are part of the 1 percent that would like to make chit up. Please stop.

      2. Unfortunately Sherman didn’t go far enough. He should have executed every confederate officer he captured. And semi-literates like you need to quit trying to promote the bullshit line about the Civil War having “nothing to do with slavery”. That old saw just doesn’t make it anymore you reactionary, beslubbering oaf.

        1. No. Because Southerners for the most part don’t think of Dixie as a racist song or really even as a Confederate song as far as I know. It’s just THE song. Period. Kind of like an anthem for Dixie. And a great song all around. Just part of the culture. I’ll tell you this: I’m not changing my ringtone, and when I whistle, there’s probably at least a one-in-ten chance it’s Dixie. And I’m barely a Southerner.

          1. Good for you. Go knock out a few teeth and move into a trailer and live the entire fantasy.

    2. You’re ignorance is showing. You’ve just proven you know nothing about the song or its origins. Just shut up and sit down. You are the problem.

        1. LOL Again with the generalizations. Do you have anything more original? Besides there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with a trailer as a home if that’s all you can afford, and those homeowners shouldn’t be ashamed or shamed by the likes of you. Sounds like you have a real issue with poor people. You should be ashamed to be such an elitist. You are the problem.

          1. No I don’t have anything original this is basic stuff. BTW I lived in a trailer and I was poor for the record.

  9. I thought this was done in the 1980’s WTF. It makes Ole Miss look like ignorant inbred rednecks. If that is the image you seek move into a trailer and live it all out.

  10. Yet the very people who claim this song is really racist and ‘hurts’ them, they are fine with rappers calling people n***s and calling for rape and killing cops. Yeah, and we wonder why people are so screwed up.

    1. Yes, cowardly retrenchment and big boy tears are an appropriate reaction to a marching band stopping playing songs extolling the slave system.

      Maybe don’t substitute a song for a personality or ideology, wimp.

        1. In your mind, that is an argument? You are an infant and it doesn’t matter what, in your soft baby skull, you think the song is about. It will never matter.

          If the end result is you, you have no reason to express pride in your ancestors. If I were you, I’d seek an apology from them.

          1. The funny thing is in your mind you think you have arguments that should be taken seriously.

            Let me see, you believe by playing “Dixie” people are supporting slavery. In 2016. The irony.

            You then pathetically call me an “infant” followed by “soft baby skull.” The mental midget thinks he’s on varsity Scholastic Bowl. Cute.

            What are you talking about asking an apology from my ancestors? Here are some facts: my ancestors aren’t white and my parents came here by plane.

            Try again dumbass.

          2. Your parents were sucky people regardless of origin, dolt! You are proof positive of that!

            And yeah, you are supporting a symbol that carries the semiotic weight of slavery, Jim Crow, and the continuing reactionary movement to homogenise this history into a smeared inanity that not only robs it of the granual horror of the centuries of systemic, official, on-the-books open oppression that the historical record shows us – totally belaying the idea that folks are burying history… by actually discussing historical facts – but also the continuing effects.

            Elected officials, right now, openly discuss the need for poll taxes or literacy tests in order to vote! There is a whole generation of people in their mid-forties who attended segregated schools (and whose children largely attended schools in a highly segregated system featuring newly opened, almost exclusively white private schools and disproportionally black public schools)!

            And it is uncontestable that Dixie and the Stars and Bars were claimed by the exact people defending Jim Crow.

            There is a reason that Strom Thurmond, leaving the Democratic party, ran as a “Dixiecrat” (before becoming a Republican) for president in 1948 on a Jim Crow preservation platform, carrying only Southern states.

            There is a reason George Wallace used the flag as his personal logo in his career fighting desegregation.

            I’m sorry that you feel bound to the banner of ghosts, but they sucked. Of course not to a man, but too many people did too much horrific stuff and their literal and ideological descendents continue to benefit and that needs to change.

            Again, I’m sorry for you. You have a lot of ego poorly invested and it will continue to bear bitter fruit.

            Laaaaast words. Pay me to teach you any more.

        2. The only slavery in the world today is non-whites enslaving each other. India is the slave capital of the world.

          The word slave derives from Slav.

          In the history of the world, “slavery” among bourgeois (middle class) European folk was short lived and hugely consequential in the fact that middle class European folk ENDED SLAVERY in the world that they inherited from global plutocrats of the past.

          If you exclude the plutocratic imperial racist bloodline serfdom of post Roman Europe and the ancient practice of slavery or servitude over one another, modern European middle class folk (bourgeoisie) have been the greatest emancipators in world history!

          Once we emancipated ourselves from GLOBALISTS we then set the world free year by year. Guess who tells the world contemporary European folk must PAY with self hate and dispossession? The elite who we defeated for our own emancipation! You’re being duped.

          The only people who ever owned slaves in America today are the non-white immigrants coming from countries that still practice slavery!

          The non-white loves slavery and fully enjoyed capturing and enslaving Europeans when they had the chance. They used European women mostly for sex. The men they worked to death. There was no culture of separate communities under bondage etc

          Africa “lost” 400,000 people to North America as Slavs according to racist Gates Jr.

          Meanwhile, America lost 675,000 white sons in the American war over slavery? Most of whom never owned a slave or were descendent from the tens of thousands of Irish slaves globalist Plutocrats sold into slavery.

          Now the IRISH HAD IT BAD! These poor people got brutalized. Never again and never forget

          During the late 1600s, writes Martin, African slaves were far more expensive than their Irish counterparts – Africans would sell for around 50 sterling while Irish were often no more than 5 sterling.

          The Irish were further exploited when the British began to “breed” Irish women – or girls, sometimes as young as 12 – with African males.

          “These new “mulatto” slaves brought a higher price than Irish livestock and, likewise, enabled the settlers to save money rather than purchase new African slaves. This practice of breeding Irish females with African men went on for several decades and was so widespread that, in 1681, legislation was passed “forbidding the practice of mating Irish slave women to African slave men for the purpose of producing slaves for sale.” In short, it was stopped only because it interfered with the profits of a large slave transport company.

    2. The university does not play music at sporting events containing racists or sexually explicit language so your example isn’t valid. However, individuals are perfectly free to listen to any kind of music they want and that includes Dixie. The university simply no longer wishes to be associated with that particular song for reasons spelled out in the statement released by the athletic director. I realize you disagree with the decision to no longer play that song, but it really is the right of the university to no longer wish to be connected to it.

  11. Sorry to hear Ole Miss will sell its soul for football, but when the NFL commissioner refuses to honor slain Dallas police and minimizes the depiction of a cop being beheaded on social media by a Cleveland Browns player, it is time to give up on football altogether since the country is headed down the tubes. I am sure the blood of your (and my) ancestors was shed in vain.

  12. For real Southerners, Ole Miss is dead. I will always love Ole Miss, but Ole Miss no longer exists under the current PC administration and that creepy Allen Coon. I have forsaken the University of Mississippi forever.

  13. America is not longer a free country. Don’t you dare like the the chiildren and say it is.

      1. You do not even understand the point of my comment. I am not going to try to explain it to you.

  14. what cracks me up is this whole conception that slavery was only in the “south” it was legal under the constitution!!!!!!!!!!! it was Under the American flag, long before the rebel flag ever existed!!!! the song Dixie doesn’t have a damn thing to do with racisim, it just a song performed by a vaudeville act. this day of “political correctness” has gotten way out of hand!!!!!!and the song was written by someone from ohio,not from the deep south,sang in a minstrel group. compared to a lot of music I hear today,”Dixie” sounds like it could be rated “G”!!!! especially compared to certain rap performers!!!!!

    1. If that is the case people should not have an issue getting rid of it. Since it was written by someone from Ohio. That point alone should have made it happen sooner.

  15. Just curious, what would everyone here yelling about “traditions” and “heritage” say if a public university in Germany said they were only celebrating German heritage and culture by playing “Deutschland Uber Alles” before games?

    1. Interesting you choose Germany as your example. The Nazis once did exactly what you endorse. They too destroyed monuments, symbols, and burned books. It is not a new phenomenon, Native American culture has all but been erased from history. Today Islamist are doing it. One day someone will tear down what you value. Like now others will not care. The justice in it will be by your own actions you will have earned it. – Deo Vindice

      1. So…pointing out how Ole Miss embraced the unofficial Confederate anthem 151 years after losing the war is the same as Nazism?

        1. The issue with your post is that “Dixie” wasn’t used to mock blacks by the university. Call it an innocent move by whomever installed it as a staple. How many Ol Miss black students realized it was written in NYC for a minstrel show? Probably no more than 10% of the black student body.

          Also, your equating Dixie with a Deutschland Uber Alles is damn fucking stupid. It’s like saying Confederate soldiers were American Nazis.

          1. O RLY? So you’d be fine with someone singing “Deutschland Uber Alles” and flying a swastika flag to celebrate his German heritage and traditions?

  16. This is just ridiculous now a southern staple Dixie can’t be played because it might offend someone. Good then ban rap music from your campus too since it now offends me. 70 years of history flushed down the toilet because a group of people are systematically targeting southern culture. Is it ok for them to riot and scream black power? If I were to scream white pride I would be crucified and labeled a racist. Wake up ole miss and America this crap has got to stop you are baiting for the next race war.

    1. As a white person, filthy rap music offends me. It should be banned from all public venues……..and from the radio.

  17. It is sad that Ole Miss has become just another Politically Correct institution of “Lower Learning”. It no longer deserves the Respect or the Support of fans who are disappointed that Ole Miss, it’s students and faculty have lost their Courage to Honor the Southern Heritage that was given them from Brave Men of Integrity of their Southern Forefathers………….

  18. Oh well, so much for MT’s Comment Policy: “Be polite.” and “Be considerate.”
    However, people sharing comments — including me — are true to the third criteria: “Be yourself.”

  19. “Let the band play ‘Dixie.’ ” — Abraham Lincoln to a crowd outside the White House, April 11, 1865.

  20. My Great Uncle Jacob Thompson donated a lot of money to this University and I feel it would be a shame for his building to have his name changed because he was in the Confederacy. He was a Confederate spy and in the government . But changing the traditions of a good school is wrong. History should be respected and Dixie is a part of Southern History. The War happened and the soldiers deserve the respect because no matter what they were heroes and always will be.It seems these people think they are “owed” but yet the ones paying for all this are the “FORGOTTEN HEROES” and that should never have happened. War of any kind deserves the respect for the soldiers. Dixie will always be a sign of love for the South and I guess the people that are racist think they win but the heroes and the South will never forget what has been taken from them and they WILL BE REMEMBERED!!!

  21. The forgotten verse of the Star Spangled Banner lyrics follow:

    No refuge could save the hireling and slave

    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  22. You’ve been usurped and conquered.

    The new “homogeneity” is “diversity” – which simply means fewer and fewer European folk and eventual genocide

    Ethnic cleansing is usually accompanied with the efforts to remove physical and cultural evidence of the targeted group in the territory through the destruction of homes, social centers, farms, and infrastructure, and by the desecration of monuments, cemeteries, and places of worship.

    Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group, with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous.[1] The forces applied may be various forms of forced migration (deportation, population transfer), intimidation, as well as mass murder and rape.

    Population transfer or resettlement is the movement of a large group of people from one region to another, often a form of forced migration imposed by state policy or international authority and most frequently on the basis of ethnicity or religion. Banishment or exile is a similar process, but is forcibly applied to individuals and groups.

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