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Carthage businessman Sam Waggoner’s sentencing is delayed after revelation of new information in the bribery scandal which rocked the Mississippi Department of Corrections in 2014.

Waggoner, 61, was due to learn his sentence Thursday after pleading guilty to bribing then-prisons chief Christopher Epps for MDOC’s contract for inmate telephone services.

But earlier this week, prosecutors revealed discovery of 15 additional contracts affected by the scandal and got extra time from Judge Henry T. Wingate to analyze the financial impacts on the case’s defendants, including Waggoner.

The next hearing related to the case is set for June 9 in the U.S. District Courthouse in Jackson.

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One reply on “Businessman’s sentence delayed in Department of Corrections scandal”

  1. This is becoming interminable. I expect that sentencing has been delayed so long that those who were paying the bribes might escape prosecution thanks to the statute of limitations. Certainly the career criminals from Cornell Corrections have escaped their just fates.

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