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Vickie King has experience as a professional photographer spanning 35 years- from childhood purchasing her first camera by selling flower seeds to neighbors, as a stringer for Associated Press in Des Moines, Iowa, a freelancer shooting an album cover to your loved one’s wedding, and your kids and pets at a J.C. Penney portrait studio. She joins the Mississippi Today team as a photojournalist.
A native Mississippian and resident of Jackson, Vickie was born in Laurel.
You know her work from years as a staff photographer for the Clarion-Ledger. Her award-winning photography has appeared in such publications as the New York Times, Editor & Publisher Magazine, People Magazine, in national news broadcasts, and books depicting the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to the glory of Ole Miss football.
Most recently, she is the former photographer, Special Projects Officer IV, Staff Officer I, videographer, and online content producer for the Mississippi Department of Corrections. She is also a Pulitzer Prize nominee for Spot News.
Vickie is a graduate of Simpson College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Relations.

“I’ve always, always had a curiosity about this big blue marble we call home. But how to keep it close, and how to share it with those who can’t be there. I take you with me, and I put you there. The viewer is now in-the-know. When I first witnessed a photograph come to life in a darkroom, it was magic. Click, and for the viewer, for posterity, that one magic moment in time is forever ours. It’s what I love about photography. Mississippi is a grand state, rich in culture and history. Mississippi Today provides me an opportunity to take her people with me as I document their lives and stories through my lens.”

— Vickie King

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