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Position Summary:

Mississippi Today is seeking an experienced Managing Editor to spearhead our commitment to engaged journalism while overseeing and enhancing our editorial strategy. The Managing Editor will lead our team of journalists, ensuring our content reflects diverse voices and state perspectives. Central to this role is the practice and promotion of engaged and solutions-oriented journalism, actively involving the community in our processes and ensuring that their voices are elevated in our work. This pivotal position will also shape the newsroom’s structure, focusing on managing teams of editors and bolstering newsroom workflows.

Primary responsibilities of the Managing Editor at Mississippi Today include:

Editorial and Newsroom Management:

  • In conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief, develop and manage editorial budgets that support newsroom operations and expansion.
  • Supervise a team of 2-3 editors, ensuring communication and alignment across the newsroom.
  • Lead editorial meetings, setting the direction for content and ensuring alignment with Mississippi Today’s mission.
  • Coordinate content strategies with platform managers and advocate for a diverse range of views within our reporting.
  • Manage teams of editors, providing guidance, advice, and management support.
  • Implement a distribution mindset among leadership and staff, helping editors and reporters think strategically about possible publishing partners on the local and national level.
  • Represent Mississippi Today in public speaking engagements, panels, and community events.
  • Oversee the hiring process for newsroom roles, from crafting job descriptions to conducting interviews, in collaboration with team editors and human resources.
  • Identify and coordinate in-house newsroom trainings for staff.
  • Act as point person for summer interns.
  • Plan evergreen stories for holidays.
  • Submit journalists’ stories for nomination to annual awards.

Engaged Journalism and Content Strategy:

  • Serve as the point person to the Audience Team for newsletters, resources, guides, data projects and other innovations to ensure production and alignment with editorial goals and standards.
  • Drive daily digital engagement, fostering a habit of reliance and trust with our readers and listeners.
  • Champion an “audience-first” approach, collaborating closely with the community and integrating their voices into our content.
  • Have a familiarity with modern engagement tools and methodologies.
  • Maintain a deep commitment to public service journalism.

Operational Duties:

  • Obtain annual press passes for reporters and manage external requests for publication.
  • Act as a bridge between newsroom staff and upper management, ensuring clear communication and understanding of policies.
  • Embrace and implement emerging tools of engaged journalism to further the mission of Mississippi Today.
  • Handle newsroom travel arrangements, from booking flights to accommodations.
  • Manage all newsroom subscriptions, ensuring accessibility and regular updates.


  • 2 to 5 years of management experience
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once while meeting all deadlines
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Ability to plan and coordinate people and operations
  • Digital publishing experience
  • Working knowledge of online platforms like WordPress and SEO concepts
  • Experience in copywriting and editing
  • Attention to detail

How to Apply:

We’re committed to building an inclusive newsroom that represents the people and communities we serve. We especially encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply for this position, including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people and people who are differently abled.

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