Ep. 59: The Candidates: Velesha P. Williams

Ep. 58: How a Jim Crow Law Could Sway 2019 Election

Ep. 57: The Legacy of Thad Cochran

Ep. 56: The Candidates: Jay Hughes

Ep. 55: One Year Anniversary

  • One Year Anniversary

    Host Adam Ganucheau provides a programming note at the podcast's one-year anniversary.

Ep. 54: UM Professor James “JT” Thomas Discusses Controversial Tenure Decision

Ep. 53: How Mississippi’s New License Plate Could Affect 2019 Elections

Ep. 52: The Last Mississippi Democrat to Win the Governor’s Mansion

Ep. 51: Education Issues Steer 2019 Strategy

Ep. 50: Jim Hood’s Path to the Governor’s Mansion

Ep 49: The Man Who Uses “Alternative Data” to Shape Narratives

Ep. 48: Steve Holland: From Republican to Democrat to Independent

Ep. 47: You Asked, We Answered (Again!)

Ep. 46: Upset with Legislative Leaders, Teachers Eye 2019 Election

Ep. 45: Legislative Update

Ep. 44: Ignoring the Heart of the Democratic Party?

Ep. 43: The Candidates: Robert Foster

Ep. 42: The Field for Governor is Set

Ep. 41: Teacher Shortage Crisis

  • Ep. 41: Teacher Shortage Crisis

    The Mississippi public school teacher shortage is six times worse than it was in 1997, negatively affecting students and adding stress to the lives of already overworked and underpaid teachers.

Ep. 40: Mississippi Governor Bill Waller?

Ep. 39: The Politics of Abortion

Ep. 38: Live with Marshall Ramsey

  • Ep. 38: Live with Marshall Ramsey

    In The Jungle’s first live episode, Mississippi Today Editor-at-Large Marshall Ramsey discusses his storied career drawing editorial cartoons

Ep. 37: Expanding Internet Access in Mississippi

Ep. 36: Legislature 101

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    Ep. 36: Legislature 101

    How does the legislative session work? How hard is it to pass a bill into law? Who pulls the strings under the dome? We’ve got you covered!

Ep. 35: Trent Lott Dishes on Shutdown

Ep. 34: Tate Reeves is (Officially) Running

Ep. 33: Who’s Running in 2019?

Ep. 32: Medicaid Expansion… in Mississippi?!

Ep. 31: Voter Access in Mississippi

Ep. 30: You asked. We answered.

Ep. 29: Runoff Recap

Ep. 28: The Debate

Ep. 27: The Louisiana Blogger Who Changed the Runoff

Ep. 26: To the Runoff

  • Ep.26: To the Runoff

    Mississippi Today's election team breaks down Election Day and previews the Senate runoff

Ep. 25: Election Day Preview

Ep. 24: On the Trail with Mike Espy

Ep. 23: Blue Dots in Red States

  • Ep. 23: Blue Dots in Red States

    Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba and Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin discuss the importance of electing likeminded leaders to Washington.

Ep. 22: 2019: Jim Hood vs. Tate Reeves

Ep. 21: Trump Visits Mississippi

Ep. 20: The Mike Espy Scandal

Ep. 19: Politics in the Grove

Ep. 18: On the Trail with Cindy Hyde-Smith

Ep. 17: A Path for Espy and Baria?

Ep. 16: Effects of Special Session

Ep. 15: Special session politics

Ep. 14: Engaging Young Voters

Ep. 13: Fact-checking Mike Espy and Cindy Hyde-Smith

Ep. 12: Fact-checking Chris McDaniel

Ep. 11: The Childers Chapter

Ep. 10: Frontage Road Politics

Ep. 9: Mississippi Today’s Political Coverage

Ep. 8: Baria’s Blueprint

Ep. 7: MS GOP: Big Picture

Ep. 6: Setting the Field

Ep. 5: Democratic Dialogue

Ep. 4: Runoff Rundown

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    Ep. 4: Runoff Rundown

    There’s still a ways to go before we know who’ll face Sen. Roger Wicker in November.

Ep. 3: Primary Preview

Ep. 2: The Groundwork

Ep. 1: Welcome to the Jungle