Because you love Mississippi.

Over the past six-plus years, Mississippi Today readers have come to rely on coverage that helps them navigate the ups and downs of an ever-changing news cycle. Just this past year it’s been topics, such as the delta and omicron variants, teacher pay, a sprawling welfare scandal, critical race theory, tax cuts and more.

Why do we continue to produce news and resources that keep Mississippians informed and hold our public officials accountable? Because we — like you — love Mississippi.

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Why we love Mississippi:

"When you make fun of politicians for a living, there is no better place to work. But now, my work is driven by the fact that my children are native Mississippians and I want the best for the state where they live."

Marshall Ramsey, Editor-at-Large (Hometown: Madison)

"Mississippi. Rich with a promising future, born from her turbulent past, the state and her people are as fertile in literature, music, sports and cuisine, as her Delta." 

Vickie King, Photojournalist (Hometown: Jackson)

"While we can struggle to all row in the same direction, Mississippi is a place ripe with opportunity. This place is always moving and shaking as people create art, start companies and grow as leaders. There are so many interesting stories that need to be told, and I am grateful that I get to bear witness and to help tell them."

Julia James, Reporter (Hometown: Mandeville, La.)

"It's an amazing state to be a journalist in. There is so much to write about, and the people here are great storytellers." 

Kayleigh Skinner, Managing Editor (Hometown: Montreal, Quebec)

"I enjoy the hospitality, low cost of living, and the close-knit relationships."

Kate Royals, Community Health Editor (Hometown: Madison)