Sha’Mere’s Story

"I miss it. Every day. I think about it every day."

Behind the Headlines Q&A

Spring Semester

Mississippi Today: How’s the year been?

Sha'Mere Sanders: Well, schools been great. It’s calm. It’s peaceful. Not really much that’s entertaining. Usually you celebrate a lot at school, have a lot of different talent shows. We don’t do that. We just go to school every day. That’s fine.

MT: What were your expectations for the year and how did that compare to how it actually turned out?

SS: I had no expectations because I wanted to see how the experience would be. I’m just looking forward to graduation right now. I’m OK with how school is going. You know, it’s my last year.

MT: What are your hopes for the school moving forward?

SS: I hope it gets better. I hope they get more pride. I hope they build new things. This school is really old and needs a lot of fixing up.

MT: What have you missed the most?

SS: Just East Side


Fall Semester