Lt. Gov. Reeves will push for more school choice options

This is one in a series of stories produced by students taking a state government reporting class at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media. The class is led by Mississippi Today co-editor Fred Anklam Jr. and Meek school journalism professor LaReeca Rucker. 

JACKSON — Lt. Gov. Reeves often makes it known that producing an educated workforce and creating jobs is at the forefront of his platform. However, it is no secret that many public school districts in the state are not up to speed, when it comes to producing students with high reading, math and science proficiency. Reeves sat down with Mississippi Press Corps students from Ole Miss Wednesday afternoon and discussed underlying state education issues, and improvements that are being made to increase potential educational outcomes for students. A strong believer in school choice, Reeves said parents should be the ones to make the decision where their child receives their education, not the government.

Cleveland community mourns the loss of student

There are no red balloons left in Cleveland, Miss., tonight. The high school students and principal bought all they could find in the small town, because that was Larry Tyler’s favorite color. He died on New Year’s Eve night when he was accidentally shot, police said. The 17-year-old was in a car with four others. His friends, teachers and family clutched those red balloons at the football field on a freezing Friday night, mourning his loss and celebrating his life.