Mississippi Today’s #PublicNewsroom events are regular community gatherings where people come together with reporters to listen, receive feedback, and build relationships. We host these in a variety of spaces in the Delta: from Clarksdale to Cleveland, in churches and community centers.

We believe that by hosting conversations and sharing our reporting through these gatherings, we are building stronger relationships with the communities that we report on.

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May 23, 2019 | Crosstown Fellowship Church

As journalists, we've heard many times and from many Deltans that issues plaguing the region have long been overlooked by elected officials in Jackson. While covering the 2019 statewide and legislative elections, we want to make sure we ask candidates the questions you want answered. What issues and questions should we take to them? What have the state’s politicians done well in the past for the Delta? Perhaps more importantly, what haven’t they done that could have served you and why?

Join political reporter Adam Ganucheau, who closely covers the Capitol, along with Delta based reporters Aallyah Wright and Kelsey Davis for a conversation about what leaders have done, what they haven’t done, and what Deltans can do about it.

Help us start a conversation in Jackson and the rest of the state about how the Delta is overlooked on solving chronic crises like the state of roads and bridges, education, and employment opportunities. Whether you’re satisfied with legislative action, skeptical about how lawmakers in Jackson serve the Delta or unsure how to make sense of it all, we want to hear from you.


April 25, 2019 | The City of Truth in Clarksdale

After the legislature approved a $1,500 raise for teachers, conversation about striking erupted. The Facebook group Pay Raise for Mississippi on March 30 posted, “We have nearly 40,000 followers of this page. It is time we discuss what it will take to organize a teacher strike. It’s time to put up or shut up.” Audience for the page has grown exponentially, with statewide and national media calling them for comment on what the next move will be.

But can they? This discussion delved into the history of Mississippi's sole teacher strike in 1985 and the consequences that ensued. Attendees discussed the laws on the books that prevent teacher strikes specifically, and about how other states with similar laws circumvented the rules.

Many teachers are saying they would strike despite the laws. Education reporters Aallyah Wright,  Kelsey Davis and Kayleigh Skinner spoke specifically to Delta-based teachers about whether they agree, disagree or even see that as an option.

Read their story on the possibility of a teacher strike here.

View the post-event resource guide here.

Meet our Delta Bureau


Aallyah Wright

Education Reporter, Delta Bureau

Aallyah Wright is a native of Clarksdale and a Mississippi Delta reporter covering education and local government. She is also a guest radio host for WROX Radio (97.5 FM) and was a playwright/reporter for "Beautiful Agitators," a 2017 project by StoryWorks/Reveal Labs from the Center for Investigative Reporting in partnership with Mississippi Today. Aallyah has a bachelor’s in journalism with minors in communications and theater from Delta State University. Prior to joining Mississippi Today January 2017, she interned as a reporter for the Bolivar Commercial and was the project producer and community journalist for The Cleveland Yearbook, a project by The Center for Investigative Reporting and Delta Arts Alliance. In 2018, Aallyah earned a fellowship with Hechinger Report to report on Mississippi’s teacher shortage and its effects. Her reporting with the Mississippi Today Education Team for "Behind the Headlines:Cleveland Central" received third-place at the 68th Annual Green Eyeshade Awards. Her work has appeared in The Hechinger Report, The Daily Journal and Delta Magazine. She is a Community Advisory Board Member for Aspen Youth Leaders Fellowship Delta and a board member for Lower Mississippi River Foundation.

“The work I do here at Mississippi Today is important because there's not many who are dedicated to report from or committed to living in an area like the Delta. It's empowering for people from here to see someone who looks like them giving back to the community by amplifying their messages, providing them with additional resources and information to better inform their decisions. And, essentially, giving them diverse stories with being fair and factual.”


Kelsey Davis

Education Reporter, Delta Bureau

Kelsey Davis is from Mobile, Ala., and currently lives in Cleveland, where she works as one of our Mississippi Delta-based reporters covering education and intersecting issues. Kelsey has a dual degree in journalism and Spanish from Auburn University and worked as an editorial intern at Texas Monthly and a courts reporter at the Montgomery Advertiser. Prior to joining Mississippi Today August 2017, she won awards for her reporting on public housing and the life of a parolee re-entering society.

“The work we in the Delta bureau do is integral because this area has historically gone underreported on. As a result, issues central to the Delta haven’t been as much apart of statewide conversations. The ways that statewide policy specifically affects the Delta haven’t been as widely discussed. There is a critical need to elevate those conversations and our work aims to do that.”

Our workshop series is inspired by and created in collaboration with City Bureau's #PublicNewsroom. The #publicnewsroom is a series of gatherings and discussions aimed at building trust between journalists and the communities they serve while shaping a more inclusive newsroom. City Bureau is a Chicago-based journalism lab. You can learn more about their Public Newsroom workshop series at www.citybureau.org/publicnewsroom.

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