“We’re accomplishing more than people thought they were going to do. They didn’t think we were going to succeed the way we are. They didn’t think we’d come together like we are. Rather than being one way this school or that school, we’ve come together and we’ve put aside a lot of childish things. It’s still is a struggle, like I say, but we are coming together.”


“I feel like I’ve learned a lot more this year…and as a result of new money and all of the good teachers from both schools in one, now they created a whole new pre-AP college biology for freshman class they put me in. They’re trying that out and so they’re doing a lot of new experiments with learning. It’s going really well. I’m having fun.”


“I’m looking forward to seeing the positivity of the people once all of the different people who were from a different high school are out of the system, and seeing the pride they have for their high school because it’s a great high school.”


“I wasn’t really rooted in Cleveland High. If you’re a person from Cleveland and you like grew up in Cleveland and their parents went there, I could see the connection. You know just the connection to the old schools, but I really like the new school. I love the colors, I love the mascot, I just love it in general, and I don’t miss it at all.”


“I feel like it’s Cleveland High. I don’t feel like it’s Cleveland Central. It’s basically Cleveland High especially…. I don’t know. Then, we still have a counselor at our school with Cleveland High paraphernalia all over her office.”


“I just want us to have a good legacy with Cleveland Central. A positive legacy.”


“I think the title our school was given sets us back so many years it’s ridiculous. Like, the way it was talked about made it seem like we were this heavy, racist town that needs to be taken care of. We weren’t. It was not like that. But I guess if it makes other people feel more comfortable that we have one school, I guess that was what was going to happen but I really didn’t see a need for it.”


“I feel like it’s Cleveland High. I don’t feel like it’s Cleveland Central.”