Treasurer candidates searching for first state election victory

The candidate who captures Tuesday’s contest for treasurer will be winning his or her first state election. Republican David McRae, a Ridgeland attorney and managing partner in his family’s business, McRae Investments, and Democrat Addie Lee Green of Bolton, a retiree from an automotive parts manufacturer in Clinton, are vying to replace two-term Treasurer Lynn Fitch, who is running for attorney general. McRae, has run a primarily self financed campaign, defeating outgoing state Senate Appropriations Chair Buck Clarke of Hollandale in this past summer’s Republican primary. In 2015, McRae ran unsuccessfully against Fitch. Green ran unsuccessfully in 2015 for the post of agriculture commissioner.

The Issues: David Singletary

We asked Independent candidate for governor, David Singletary, where he stands on the following issues. Here’s what he said:

Abortion: “Let the women decide or no abortions after 18 weeks.” State Flag: “By initiative process if at all.” Healthcare: “Need affordable healthcare for all.” Public Education: “Have to educate your way out of poverty.