His wife says Pete Brown, finally recognized at home, is smiling down, saying ‘Amen!’

Those were different times in America. Pete Brown, who died in 2015 at the age of 80, was playing in tournaments at private clubs and golf courses where he wouldn’t have been allowed on the premises if not for his PGA standing. Many in the nearly all-white galleries didn’t want him to win and let him know it in sometimes threatening terms. Still, he won.

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2020, announced Monday, is both diverse and wildly accomplished

The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2020: record-setting high school baseball coach Jerry Boatner; trail-blazing pro golfer Pete Brown; NBA superstar Antonio McDyess; renowned, trend-setting stadium architect Janet Marie Smith; long-time Mississippi State athletic director Larry Templeton; and Ole Miss and NFL football great Patrick Willis.

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