Cleveland community mourns the loss of student

There are no red balloons left in Cleveland, Miss., tonight. The high school students and principal bought all they could find in the small town, because that was Larry Tyler’s favorite color. He died on New Year’s Eve night when he was accidentally shot, police said. The 17-year-old was in a car with four others. His friends, teachers and family clutched those red balloons at the football field on a freezing Friday night, mourning his loss and celebrating his life.

Cleveland School District releases breakdown of enrollment numbers

CLEVELAND  — A breakdown of the drop in enrollment at Cleveland School District shows the majority of students who left went to private schools. A total of 224 students have transferred out of the district since May 2017. Because new students have also transferred in, overall enrollment is only down by 100, bringing the total from 3,502 to 3,402. Superintendent Jacquelyn Thigpen indicated the decline was not significant. “We always have some to go.