As we at Mississippi Today work to serve all of Mississippi, we want to learn how we can deepen our understanding of your information needs.

Our reporters cover the happenings of the Mississippi Legislature. They dig deep on scandals, such as the Backchannel series and Mississippi’s ongoing health care crisis. We even report on college sports and Mississippi culture.

Our work is ultimately about serving your information needs. We want to explain why things are happening, who is affected and how all of this influences your life.

We are planning to do a series of information diaries through text messaging in the weeks ahead. 

Our goal for the first information diary is to understand how 18- to 35-year-old Mississippians (and even folks who were born here and left!) consume and share information about their lives. 

Join our texting diary:

If you are an 18- to 35-year-old interested in helping Mississippi Today better serve your information needs, we would love for you to participate. You’ll help us better serve you — and if you are selected — you’ll also be working alongside us to help make Mississippi a better place for all.

Interested in joining our texting diary?

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