Mississippi Today has partnered with Siena College Research Institute, ranked among the nation’s most reputable and accurate polling firms, for a series of surveys between now and the November 2023 statewide election.

FiveThirtyEight gives Siena College an “A” rating with a slight bias toward Republican candidates. Siena was broadly praised following the 2022 midterms for its accuracy in polling several states’ U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and governor’s races.

Mississippi is just one of three states featuring governor’s races in 2023. Additionally, the other seven statewide offices and all 174 legislative seats are up for grabs in November. 

Mississippi Today’s partnership with Siena College will provide Mississippians a regular and thorough understanding of where their peers stand on candidates, key issues and quality of life — the first such series of public surveys during a statewide election year here since at least 1999.

“The Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) is thrilled to work with Mississippi Today to measure how Mississippians feel about current critical state issues, Mississippi’s leaders and the quality of life in Mississippi,” said Dr. Don Levy, director of the Siena College Research Institute. “SCRI has conducted national polling and surveys in many individual states in order listen to the views of Americans and to provide unbiased data to every citizen. We welcome this opportunity to work with Mississippi Today to give voice to Mississippians and to advance mutual understanding.”

The first poll of the series was in the field the first week of January, and Mississippi Today will publish key findings beginning this week. Here’s what readers can expect from us over the next few days:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 17: Where Mississippians stand on the 2024 presidential race, including how Republicans feel about former President Donald Trump and emerging potential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. We also explore how Mississippians feel about the job President Joe Biden is doing, the future of democracy in the U.S., and who they think legitimately won the 2020 presidential election.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 18: Where Mississippians stand on the state’s health care crisis, including its dozens of hospitals on the verge of closing. We explore Mississippians’ views on potential solutions to the crisis, including additional legislative funding and Medicaid expansion.
  • Thursday, Jan. 19: Where Mississippians stand on the 2023 governor’s race and how they feel about the work of current Gov. Tate Reeves.
  • Friday, Jan. 20: Where Mississippians stand on the work of their legislative leaders and the Mississippi Legislature as a whole, as well as some key issues lawmakers are debating between no and the end of the 2023 legislative session.
  • Week of Jan. 23: Where Republicans, Democrats and independents agree on certain issues, plus the major divide in opinion about quality of life between Mississippians of different backgrounds.

“We think it’s critical that Mississippians understand where their neighbors stand on major problems facing our state, ideas about how to improve those problems, and the various elected officials and candidates who propose those ideas,” said Adam Ganucheau, Mississippi Today’s editor-in-chief. “We sought to partner with SCRI because of their commitment to fairness and accuracy. All we seek, as ever, is the truth of what’s happening in our state. We will be completely transparent about methodology and focused on what the results mean for the 2023 legislative session, the 2023 statewide elections and beyond.”

Levy offered some advice for those who may be contacted this year by pollsters.

“If we call you from Siena, please take a few minutes to participate in the survey,” Levy said. “You may enjoy it and at the same time, you may make Mississippi a little better for you and your neighbors.”

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