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Mississippi gained national attention this year between coverage of the sprawling welfare scandal, including the involvement of a former governor and former NFL player, and the Jackson water crisis. The news didn’t end there for our state — the Blue Cross Blue Shield and UMMC dispute, a teacher pay raise, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, another college world series win, and the list goes on! Here’s to all that 2022 brought: the good, the bad, and the newsworthy.

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Our Staff Picks 2022

Our staff selected the stories that meant the most to them.

Here’s what some of them picked and why.

“The story “Inside Mississippi’s only class on critical race theory” lent meaningful insight to a national story that had not been captured by any publication in the country, elevating the conversation surrounding a topic that had otherwise devolved into political fodder.”

Anna Wolfe

Investigative Reporter

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“I think our coverage of the Jackson water crisis was really thorough this year. Everyone on staff pitched in in some way to create quality journalism in so many different forms, from an FAQ page to features on key leaders delivering water to residents, to frequent stories featuring crucial info from state and city leaders. We were the definitive source of information during this crisis.”

Kayleigh Skinner

Managing Editor

“Anna Wolfe’s series “The Backchannel” tugged at the consciences of every Mississippian and showed them how their elected officials (and powerful, wealthy friends) steered millions intended for our state’s poorest residents into their own pockets. Showing immorality and government wrongdoing like this is a rare feat in American journalism, and it’s a testament to the power of Mississippi Today and to Anna Wolfe’s watchdog mindset.”

Adam Ganucheau


“Mississippi Today’s coverage of the abortion issue was stellar. With the state being at the center of the issue, and the eyes of the Nation on the state, MT’s coverage was fair, in-depth and on point.”

Vickie D. King


abortion coverage

“The stories translated to Spanish has been a valuable resource this year. This gave Hispanic Mississippians the opportunity to be knowledgable and up-to-date on issues related to the state.”

Eric Shelton

Community Health Photojournalist

“Marshall Ramsey knocked it out of the park in 2022. He has been a great source of levity throughout a lot of news stories that would otherwise make you want to cry. Marshall’s cartoons help break down barriers and create a point of intrigue for the community to read more about what’s happening in our state. They are also just fun! My favorite from this year was the one where Loretta Lynn and Queen Elizabeth met at the pearly gates of heaven.”

Mary Margaret White


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