Meet Jackson’s newest crimefighter. But you can guarantee he won’t wear a mask.

Jokes aside, the only people who like crime are criminals. The citizens of Jackson deserve better and I hope the state’s resources help. Maybe having with the state’s law enforcement officers patrolling the area around the Capitol, JPD can move resources around to other areas. Of course, I doubt the Governor would be happy if the Federal Government went in resources to fix the state’s problems, but I digress.

I am thankful Jackson is getting help. Politically, it is a win for for the governor and will play well to his base. I really don’t care about all that — I just hope it helps the citizens of Jackson. With the water crisis earlier in the year, they’ve suffered enough.

P.S. My favorite moment of the press conference was when the governor said he and Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes agree. I am surprised the Earth didn’t stop spinning, causing us to all fly into space.

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