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Last week, our team sent a message to subscribers of our COVID-19 text line making them aware that Gov. Tate Reeves had lifted all mask mandates across Mississippi and removed restriction on businesses.

We also asked subscribers how they felt about Mississippi being one of two states to lift these kinds of restrictions.

We received a wide range of responses: Many were disappointed. Some were happy. Several wished more people had been vaccinated first. A couple felt it was politically motivated. Most expressed it was too soon.

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Read some of the responses we received:

Deeply disappointed. I do understand lifting restrictions so people can make a living. I do not understand making masks mandatory statewide in the process, as a tool. I do not understand how we got to this point- where partisanship > humanity.

I feel fine about it, but I do think I’ll wear mine still due to the fact of my parents health and I work with the elderly in their homes.

I think it’s too soon until we open vaccinations to all age groups I think we need to be more careful.

Way, way too soon! I feel we need a steadier decline in number of cases: at least a month of 200-100 numbers before any restrictions are lifted!

Even though people are getting vaccinated-It is too soon. Spring Break is upon us.

He should be following CDC guidelines.

I think that is great if a person wants to wear a mask they can. Glad restrictions on business have lifted.

It wasn’t being enforced so what’s the difference?

I am excited about the mandate being lifted. It will be nice to return to some form of normal.

Too early. Numbers down but that could change. Get more people vaccinated first.

Great news. People were beginning to ignore them in the last several weeks.

I feel it should be a little slower with masks still mandatory.

I think it is terrible!!! I almost died with this, 1 percent chance of living. I am a nurse and it is too early to lift this mandate.

I agree with Governor Reeves. People should be able to use their own judgement.

I don’t like it. I think it’s political.

Restrictions should not be lifted at this time. It is an outrage and unsafe. Insulting to healthcare workers.

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New reported cases for: November 29 – December 5

The Mississippi State Department of Health updates case totals each Tuesday based on test results reported from the previous week (Tuesday – Monday). We will update case numbers here as soon as they’re available.

52% of total population fully vaccinated


new cases and 943,402 total cases in Mississippi.


new deaths reported and 13,051 total deaths in Mississippi.

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