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Medical marijuana will be on the November ballot, but it’ll be confusing.

Mississippi voters will be asked on Tuesday, Nov. 3, whether they want to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

But voting on the issue will be complicated thanks to a legislative addition to an otherwise simple question on the ballot.

Mississippi voters statewide will decide between three choices:

* Approve Initiative 65, for which more than 228,000 Mississippians signed a petition, which opponents say is too permissive and written to help the marijuana industry, not patients.

* Approve Initiative 65A, put forth by the Legislature, which would allow lawmakers to regulate a medical marijuana program, but which opponents say is a rope-a-dope by lawmakers to thwart medical marijuana usage and dilute the vote for Initiative 65.

* Vote against both. But voters who do this can still vote for one of the two initiatives, should one pass.

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Here’s what your choices will look like on the third page of the November ballot:

What’s the difference between Initiative 65 and Initiative 65A?

View the full sample ballot for Mississippi.

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