Weekly update: How many students and teachers have tested positive for COVID-19 in your school?

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The Mississippi Department of Health is releasing weekly data on coronavirus infections in schools.

This data is variable because it’s self-reported and the number of schools that report varies from week to week. As of Nov. 24, data provided by MSDH shows a total of at least 6,469 teachers, students and staff have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of school. This figure is likely an undercount because totals for the week of Nov. 16-20 may be impacted the Thanksgiving holiday break, according to MSDH. Less schools and counties reported numbers this week than in each week prior.

The number of total teachers, students, and staff to get sick hit its lowest point the week of Sept. 7-11 with 368 school-related infections. Since then, the total number infections in school has risen, though the number of schools that report in a given week varies. 

Numbers appear to have peaked the week of Nov. 9-13 with 1,546 students, teachers and staff contracting COVID-19. This past week (Nov. 16-20) saw a decline in the number of schools reporting numbers, meaning totals are likely an undercount.

Mississippi Today will provide this data as well as context about the rates per capita and change from week to week on this page.

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