As a reader of Mississippi Today, you know we do things a little differently around here. There is never a paywall to read our site, and our stories are available to any newspaper or media outlet to republish at no cost. We don’t charge a subscription fee or clutter our articles with ads that aren’t relevant to our reader community. But why, and how, do we do this?

We do this because we know that information is critical to a stronger Mississippi, and it is good for democracy. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are driven by the belief that good reporting and the accountability it inspires can change the trajectory of our state. We are able to do this because of generous support from readers like you who share these same values.

On Tuesday, May 5 we, along with other nonprofit news organizations around the country, participated in a national day of giving called #GivingTuesdayNow. We joined the movement because we know two things to be true: that local journalism helps to build stronger communities and that news organizations meet the needs of their readers best when they’re supported by the communities they serve.

This is why we believe the nonprofit model is the best way to fund quality journalism. We are doubling down on the idea that if we ask our readers to contribute what you think we’re worth, we can build a sustainable business model for independent news in Mississippi.

If you value our work, will you make a tax-deductible donation today?

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By contributing, you’re supporting everyone on staff—and allowing independent news to thrive in the state we love.

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Mary Margaret is the CEO of Mississippi Today. She works closely with the Mississippi Today leadership team to ensure collaboration and mission alignment throughout our nonprofit newsroom. Mary Margaret builds relationships with foundations, grant makers and impact donors to ensure reporters have the financial support they need to do their work.