Marshall Ramsey: Cancellations

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One of the first COVID-19 cancelations was the 2020 Hal’s St. Paddy’s Parade. As painful as the decision was, it is good public health policy. If the spread of the virus isn’t slowed down, our hospitals will be overwhelmed with patients (see Italy.) That would mean that those who are most vulnerable (and need of ICU) won’t be able to be treated.  But the parade isn’t alone. Several other events have now been postponed or cancelled, like NBA games and SEC sports. Even Mississippi’s public universities have extended Spring Break and will teach online. Here at Mississippi Today, we’ve taken the step of cancelling our live events for the next three months. It’s out of caution — we don’t to put at risk those who are most vulnerable.

These are tough times. My heart goes out to everyone associated with the parade, which is one of Mississippi’s Crown Jewels. This was a tough but necessary decision.