How much does your superintendent make? Mississippi school chief’s salaries updated for 2018-19

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Corinth School District’s Superintendent Edward Childress is the highest paid at his position in Mississippi, earning $210,780 this school year.

Miss. Assoc. of School Superintendents

Corinth School District Superintendent Lee Childress

Tupelo Public School District, which had the highest-paid superintendent in 2016-17, is a close second, with Superintendent Robert Picou making $209,220.

The median salary for 2018-19 was $115,000. The rest of top 10 were as follows:

Edward Childress, Corinth School District: $210,780

Robert Picou, Tupelo Public School District: $209,220

Cory Uselton, DeSoto County School District: $195,000

Matthew Dillon, Petal School District: $190,000

Kimber Halliburton, Madison County School District: $186,000

David Daigneault, Grenada School District: $183,200

Arthur McMillan, Biloxi Public School District: $180,299

Eddie Peasant, Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District: $180,000

Bonita Coleman, Ocean Springs School District: $175,397

Evelyn Townsend, Rankin County School District: $175,000

Errick Greene, who recently took charge of Jackson Public Schools, made $171,690.

Look for your school district’s superintendent below, using records from the Department of Education:

School District
Annual Salary
Days Employed
District Time
Aberdeen School Dist115,000.00Jeffrey Clay2321001201
Alcorn School Dist98,500.00Larry Mitchell2401003220
Amite County School District82,765.00Scotty Whittington232100908
Amory School Dist121,540.00Kenneth Byars2321001635
Attala Co School Dist91,694.00Bryan Weaver2401001027
Baldwyn School District114,250.00Jason Mckay235100757
Bay St Louis Waveland School Dist125,000.00Sandra Reed2351001834
Benton Co School Dist104,000.00Fredrick Bostick2401001098
Biloxi Public School Dist180,299.00Arthur Mcmillan2301006243
Booneville School Dist112,000.00Todd English2401001280
Brookhaven School Dist152,500.00Murray Carlock2401002824
Calhoun Co School Dist95,000.00Lisa Langford2311002500
Canton Public School Dist0.00Gary Hannah1801003391
Canton Public School Dist67,500.00Dwight Luckett120503391
Carroll County School Dist21,305.00Billy Ferguson23550933
Chickasaw Co School Dist94,469.00Betsy Collums232100475
Choctaw Co School Dist98,738.00Stewart Beard2401001330
Claiborne Co School Dist125,000.00Annie Kilcrease2351001382
Clarksdale Municipal School Dist133,100.00Dennis Dupree2231002342
Cleveland School Dist135,000.00Jacquelyn Thigpen2341003399
Clinton Public School Dist168,300.00Tim Martin2421005310
Coahoma County School District81,000.00Ilean Richards120501326
Coffeeville School Dist100,940.00Vivian Mclean240100502
Columbia School District128,000.00Jason Harris2401001644
Columbus Municipal School Dist150,000.00Cherie Labat2361003654
Copiah Co School Dist25,584.00Rickey Clopton2481002535
Corinth School Dist210,780.00Edward Childress2401002645
Covington County School District88,000.00Arnetta Crosby2311002773
Desoto Co School Dist195,000.00Cory Uselton23010034392
East Jasper Consolidated Sch Dist93,000.00Nadene Arrington240100886
East Tallahatchie Consol Sch Dist121,000.00Darron Edwards2351001084
Enterprise School Dist85,000.00Josh Perkins231100927
Forest Municipal School Dist127,000.00Joseph White2341001682
Forrest County Ag High School95,000.00Donna Boone240100589
Forrest County Agricultural Hi Sch95,000.00Donna Boone240100589
Forrest County School District140,000.00Mitchell Freeman2401002245
Franklin Co School Dist100,000.00Christoph Kent2401001287
George Co School Dist94,101.00Pam Touchard2401004116
Greene County School District102,238.00Charles Breland2601001875
Greenville Public Schools160,000.00Janice Page2401004480
Greenwood Public School District150,000.00Jennifer Wilson2311002684
Greenwood Public School District120,909.00Mary Brown2311002684
Grenada School Dist183,200.00David Daigneault2331004062
Gulfport School Dist150,000.00Glen East2301006487
Hancock Co School Dist120,000.00Alan Dedeaux2351004416
Harrison Co School Dist16,000.00Roy Gill24010015010
Hattiesburg Public School Dist165,000.00Robert Williams2371003953
Hazlehurst City School District100,000.00Cloyd Garth2301001496
Hinds Co School Dist165,975.00Delesicia Martin2381005619
Hollandale School Dist92,000.00Mario Willis240100604
Holly Springs School Dist117,646.00Irene Walton Turnag2351001276
Holmes Co Consolidated School Dist170,000.00James Henderson2341003094
Houston School Dist126,000.00Anthony Cook2321001721
Humphreys Co School Dist90,000.00Elliot Wheeler2361001580
Itawamba County School Dist96,500.00Trae Wiygul2401003500
Jackson Co School Dist129,800.00Barry Amacker2321009209
Jackson Public School District171,690.00Errick Greene1817423935
Jackson Public School District157,876.00Freddrick Murray246100#N/A
Jefferson Co School Dist85,200.00Vincent Turner2351001159
Jefferson Davis Co School Dist110,000.00Will Russell2301001404
Joel E Smilow Collegiate178,500.00Kevin Heffel260100221
Joel E Smilow Collegiate120,120.00Abigail Rockey260100221
Joel E. Smillow Prep178,500.00Kevin Heffel260100416
Joel E. Smillow Prep120,120.00Abigail Rockey260100416
Jones Co School Dist150,000.00Thomas Parker2301008701
Kemper Co School Dist103,000.00Jackuelin Pollock240100984
Kosciusko School District115,000.00Billy Ellzey2341002341
Lafayette Co School Dist128,400.00Adam Pugh2401002889
Lamar County School District135,000.00Tess Smith23010010624
Lauderdale Co School Dist130,000.00John Cain2401006283
Laurel School District135,000.00Toy Watts2321003171
Lawrence Co School Dist87,550.00Tammy Fairburn2361002082
Leake Co School Dist99,645.00Billy Wilbanks2351002845
Lee County School District125,000.00Jimmy Weeks2401006902
Leland School Dist110,000.00Jessie King240100824
Lincoln County School District110,000.00Mickey Myers2351003054
Long Beach School Dist115,000.00Jay Smith2351003161
Louisville Municipal School Dist115,000.00Randall Grierson2401002743
Lowndes Co School Dist131,500.00Joseph Wright2351005452
Madison Co School Dist186,000.00Kimber Halliburton24010013302
Marion Co School Dist101,000.00Wendy Bracey2401002046
Marshall Co School Dist101,846.00Lela Hale2401002988
Mccomb School District162,816.00Cederick Ellis, Sr.2401002508
Meridian Public Schools140,000.00Amy Carter2351005232
Monroe Co School Dist112,000.00Scott Cantrell2351002276
Moss Point Separate School Dist128,500.00Shannon Vincent2401001810
Ms School For Math And Science93,698.00Germain Mcconnell240100#N/A
Ms School For The Arts96,098.00Suzanne Hirsch192100#N/A
Ms School For The Deaf0.00Wendy Rogers26050#N/A
Ms Schs For The Blind And Deaf0.00Wendy Rogers26050#N/A
Natchez-Adams School District126,000.00Fred Butcher2401003193
Neshoba County School District125,000.00William Brantley2401003240
Nettleton School Dist105,000.00James Jernigan2351001315
New Albany Public Schools115,000.00Richard Evans2351002124
Newton County School District101,000.00John Amis2351001778
Newton Municipal School District98,000.00Nola Bryant240100938
North Bolivar Cons School Dist128,333.00Maurice Smith24050937
North Panola School District100,000.00Cedric Richardson2401001393
North Pike School Dist130,600.00Dennis Penton2401002440
North Tippah School Dist110,000.00Bill Brand2331001287
Noxubee County School District101,500.00Rodriguez Broadnax203901495
Noxubee County School District7,518.00Roger Liddell1771495
Ocean Springs School Dist175,397.00Bonita Coleman2311005936
Okolona Separate School Dist95,985.00Dexter Green233100578
Oxford School District159,150.00Brian Harvey2381004323
Pascagoula-Gautier School District169,950.00Wayne Rodolfich2321006866
Pass Christian Public School Dist135,000.00Carla Evers2341002053
Pearl Public School District163,451.00Raymond Morgigno2401004257
Pearl River Co School Dist114,500.00Alan Lumpkin2241003270
Perry Co School Dist18,634.00Gregory Dearman2371001016
Petal School Dist190,000.00Matthew Dillon2371004137
Philadelphia Public School Dist125,000.00Lisa Hull2351001003
Picayune School District105,648.00Audwin Shaw2331003489
Pontotoc City Schools120,000.00Michelle Bivens2401002254
Pontotoc Co School Dist120,000.00Michael Puckett2301002254
Poplarville Separate School Dist132,101.00Carl Merritt2381001839
Prentiss Co School Dist95,000.00Randle Downs2401002416
Quitman Co School Dist100,000.00Evelyn Jossell2401001017
Quitman School Dist128,000.00Toriano Holloway2351001783
Rankin Co School Dist175,000.00Evelyn Townsend23710019206
Reimagine Prep178,500.00Kevin Heffel260100560
Reimagine Prep120,120.00Abigail Rockey260100560
Richton School Dist85,000.00James Anglin237100677
Scott Co School Dist153,000.00Tony Mcgee2371004095
Senatobia Municipal School Dist132,000.00James Foster2321001644
Simpson Co School Dist106,600.00Gregory Paes2501003607
Smith Co School Dist101,000.00Jimmy Hancock2331002664
South Delta School District101,267.00Sammie Ivy233100808
South Panola School District146,000.00Robert Wilder2421004324
South Pike School Dist127,000.00Johnnie Vick2351001735
South Tippah School Dist113,300.00Frank Campbell2401002725
Starkville- Oktibbeha Cons Dist180,000.00Eddie Peasant2401005078
Stone Co School Dist100,000.00Inita Owen2401002537
Sunflower Cty Cons School District145,000.00Miskia Davis2341003569
Tate Co School Dist110,000.00Daryl Scoggin2351002351
Tishomingo Co Sp Mun Sch Dist101,500.00Christie Holly2401003036
Tupelo Public School Dist209,220.00Robert Picou2401006994
Union Co School Dist118,189.00James Basil2471002906
Union Public School Dist78,000.00Tyler Hansford240100979
Vicksburg Warren School Dist158,273.00Donald Shealy2401007775
Walthall Co School Dist96,500.00Wade Carney2401001819
Water Valley School District115,800.00Charles Mcinnis2401001096
Wayne Co School Dist123,554.00Robert Jones2401003326
Webster Co School Dist101,780.00Brian Jones2401001795
West Bolivar Cons School Dist87,749.00Beverly Culley162671214
West Jasper Consolidated Schools120,000.00Warren Woodrow2401001419
West Point Consolidated School Dist126,788.00Burnell Mcdonald2351003000
West Tallahatchie School District90,000.00Christoph Furdge240100695
Western Line School District115,000.00Lawrence Hudson2401001965
Wilkinson Co School Dist90,000.00Kimberly Jackson230961210
Wilkinson Co School Dist78,100.00Chavis Bradford2401001210
Winona-Montgomery Consolidated115,500.00Teresa Jackson2401001264
Yazoo City Municipal School Dist115,000.00Georgia Ingram2301002422
Yazoo Co School Dist110,000.00Kenyon Barron2401001495

For more Mississippi data visit Mississippi Today’s data page.