Gubernatorial Candidates

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The governor of Mississippi is the head of the executive branch of Mississippi’s state government. The governor has a duty to enforce state laws and serves as the commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces. The governor also holds the power to approve or veto bills passed by the Mississippi Legislature and to convene the legislature at any time. The governor also has the sole authority to issue pardons and reprieves, except in cases of treason or impeachment. The governor of Mississippi also appoints the members of the Institutions of Higher Learning Board of Trustees.

The Republican candidates for governor in 2019 are: Robert Foster, Tate Reeves and Bill Waller, Jr.

The Democrat candidates for governor are: Michael Brown,William Bond Compton, Jr, Jim Hood, Robert J. Ray, Robert Shuler Smith, Gregory Wash, Velesha P. Williams and Albert Wilson.