It’s a big year for Mississippi politics.

Political observers from throughout the nation will be watching Mississippi elections this year, as they should. After all, Mississippi is one of three states holding statewide elections in 2019 and Mississippi is expected to have its first competitive governor’s race since 2003. In addition, there will be multiple other competitive races on the party primary ballot in August and then the general election ballot in November.

At Mississippi Today, our mission is not only to produce accountability-driven journalism but also to promote civic engagement and public dialogue. This is why we’ve built the #MSElex Voter Guide: your go-to resource for all things 2019 election.

We want you to be prepared at the ballot box in August and November. We’re providing you with information on the candidates, a rundown of important deadlines for voting and the data behind the races. Our political podcast, The Other Side, will also provide important context on the statewide candidates.

Throughout the election cycle, we’ll make sure the #MSElex Voter Guide is updated in real time so you’re never left out of the loop. Since this guide is tailor-made for you, we also need your help. Please tell us what we’re missing. What other information do you need to help you be prepared at the polls? Tell us here.

Download our printable voter guide here.

— Mississippi Today Engagement Team

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Elizabeth Hambuchen is a native of Conway, Arkansas. As a member of the engagement team, she manages our membership program and plans and executes marketing initiatives and live events. Elizabeth has a bachelor’s in communications with minors in business administration and political science from Millsaps College. She was an intern in the Mississippi House of Representatives as a Women in Legislature Fellow.