Coahoma school board won’t reveal reason for firing superintendent

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CLARKSDALE – The Board of Trustees of the Coahoma County School District fired superintendent Xandra Brooks-Keys at a special called meeting earlier this week.

Coahoma County School District

Xandra Brooks-Keys

Nathaniel Armistad, attorney for the school board, confirmed in a phone call with Mississippi Today that the board did fire Brooks-Keys at the Tuesday meeting. John Mac Curlee, former conservator in Aberdeen and Tate County districts, will replace Brooks-Keys as interim superintendent until further notice, said Armistad.

No reason was given for the firing of Brooks-Keys and long-term plans for the position were not disclosed.

Patrick Campbell, school board president, said the district hopes to keep Curlee for at least a year, during a telephone conversation with Mississippi Today.

Back in January, the school board suspended Brooks-Keys, as reported by the Clarksdale Press Register. Brooks-Keys was placed on a five day suspension and her suspension was later withdrawn, said Armistad.

Brooks-Keys was first appointed as superintendent of the district for the 2016-2017 school year.

The district staff did not release details of Tuesday’s meeting to the public.