• JohnGalt

    Roger Wicker is a no talent, do-nothing, cornpone, Old Miss, holdover from the Trent Lott machine. Time for him to go, and get us some real leadership. He couldn’t care less about ALL Mississippian’s….only the one’s running the Oxford Plantation he loves, and keeping the rest of us down in our place.

  • Ragnar Danneskjöld

    The title of this article should actually be: “Wicker to be one of Bannon’s victims in GOP primaries plot”.

  • Thile

    It’s funny. The same folks who howl “SOROS!!1!1!!!” know nothing of the Koch’s and Mercer’s of the political world.

    So Bannon backs another mediocre lawyer who seeks to support policies that will continue to harm his constituents—to replace another mediocre lawyer who’s supported policies that have harmed his constituents. Time to raise your standards, Mississippi voters.