Mac McAnally: If you’re in the arts in Mississippi, you have an advantage

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Eight-time Country Music Awards Musician of the Year Mac McAnally entertained 2,000 people during Thursday’s luncheon at the Mississippi Economic Council’s 68th annual meeting held at downtown Jackson’s Convention Complex.

Mac McAnally performs during the luncheon at the MEC 68th annual meeting at the Convention Complex in downtown Jackson.

The Belmont, Miss., native has written popular country songs such as Back Where I Come From, Down the Road, and I’m Gonna Love Her on the Radio.

McAnally has been a long-time songwriter for Jimmy Buffet and also has also recorded songs that have been covered by artists such as Kenny Chesney, Sawyer Brown and Charley Pride.

“I’m hoping to make some use of myself and I get to do it with a guitar,” McAnally said before he performed the last song at the MEC luncheon. “That is a serious blessing.”

Before his performance, in an interview with Mississippi Today, McAnally reflected on his Mississippi roots and how they have nurtured his career as a musician.

Q: People have said you’re more than a singer-songwriter. They’ve called you “Mac McAnally the storyteller.” Do you consider yourself to be a storyteller?


Q: Do you still spend time in your hometown of Belmont?


Q: You have appeared all over the world. How does it feel when you come back home to Mississippi to perform?


Q: Are there places you have visited that remind you of Mississippi?


Q: What would you say to aspiring musicians who may think they are at a disadvantage because they live in Mississippi?