Delta State University is closing the school’s golf course at a savings of $250,000 in an effort to offset continuing state budget reductions.

The state has cut nearly $2 million from the school’s budget in the past 13 months, DSU representatives say.

“We are working hard to identify areas for budget savings on campus to offset these cuts that avoid impacting personnel and academic programs,” said DSU President William LaForge.  “We realize that the golf course is a longstanding and traditional feature of the university, and we regret having to make this tough decision. However, this action is absolutely necessary.”

The golf course will close on June 30. The decision will not affect the university golf team, which will practice and play at the Cleveland Country Club.

The closure also will not affect current golf course employees.

“The three golf course employees will have the opportunity to transfer into current vacant positions in facilities management,” said James Rutledge, vice president for finance and administration

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5 replies on “DSU golfers lose course to budget cuts”

  1. To hear Phil Bryant tell it, there are no draconian budget cuts, and this is all the media making stuff up.

    Public Ed has already been hit and mental health is a shell of what it used to be.

    Maybe Tate can fix everything with another round of massive tax giveaways.

  2. Yes, this “tough decision” creates more prime real estate for other purposes. No surprise or sacrifice with this move.

  3. Wont matter in the long haul. The public school consolidation in Cleveland is probably going to seriously impact the need for premium real estate development in the area!

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